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soundproofing a brick party wall -- avoiding 'triple leaf effect'

10 years ago

I live in an old rowhouse and the party wall is two layers of brick. I'm wondering what kind of interior wall to construct to reduce sound coming from the neighbors, and also lessen any noise I send their way. If I build a stud wall on my side, I don't know if there's any danger of creating a "triple leaf effect", since there is a stud wall on my neighbor's side: neighbor's drywall -> brick party wall -> my drywall. Is that a triple leaf?

In the party wall, there is a slight gap between layers in most of the brick courses. This photo shows the gap between layers -- you can see it back behind the bottom of the outlet where the bricks are missing:

Every 15 courses or so, the bricks are turned lengthwise so that they span the width of the wall. See the course in the middle of this photo where the mortar joints are closer together:

So, is this brick wall two leaves or one? Or maybe it is, effectively, not a leaf at all, since there are holes that go through the mortar in places?

If my neighbor has a 2x4 frame wall on the other side (with drywall), what should I build on my side for noise reduction purposes?

Many thanks

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