Long narrow living room

January 17, 2015
Desperate for a revamp, any suggestions. I like fairly minimalist, but also comfort look. The room is 24ftx10.9 and sometimes it looks like a waiting room with my seating arrangements!

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    flair lighting
    post a photo from the other end of the room as well. as it stands the chairs seem much to large for the room, well at least the love seat. do you use the sliding glass doors much?
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  • glann
    the room is long and narrow and believe it or not, those chairs are standard and not as big as the usual ones these days! Yes the patio door leads out to the garden. I think I don't have much option as regards layout, but love looking at the ideas and the responses
  • sootsprite
    How wide is the love seat, and how wide is the stationary side of the sliding doors?
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  • pcmom1
    Looks like best spot for tv would be directly to the left of the fireplace in the small alcove.

    You have an awful lot of furniture in that room. Do I count two sofas and two large chairs? Are you open for new, or keeping the old?
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  • pcmom1
    Tv wiring can be done easily by pro to other side of fireplace. Then put colorful sofa in front of back window as in photo below. Put sofa on wall directly centered with fireplace.

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  • sootsprite
    Agree with pcmom, love seat in front of sliding doors. Push it to the left if you actually use the doors. Move sofa further towards sliding doors. Place tv to left of fireplace. Angle armchairs, one next to the tv, other next to couch, so you walk between them when you enter space.
  • sootsprite
    Oh, and simplest update, remove tie backs from your drapes and let them hang straight.
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  • Emmy
    I love the pic pcmom posted!

    I'd put the loveseat under that mirror on the short wall. The chairs can face each other, one where the side table is now and the other pushed against the opposite wall. Slide the couch down so it's centered on the fireplace.
  • partim
    What I see is a 3 seater sofa, 2 matching chairs, and one red print chair.

    I'd move the TV to the left of the fireplace and center the sofa on space between the TV and fireplace. Turn the beige chair so that its back is to the sliding door, and the chair arm touches the chair arm of the sofa. Move the matching beige chair so that it is the same on the other side of the sofa. That will give you a nice conversation arrangement, and center it on the TV and fireplace.

    Looks as if you have a pair of matching lamps and also end tables. Put those at each end of the sofa. Although you may want to purchase shorter lamps as your seem a bit tall. Or shorter end tables.

    The little desk can either go where you now have the TV, or across from where it is now, where you have the lit branches.

    The red print chair should go in another room.

    I think 2 mirrors is one too many in your room. I'd leave the one opposite the sliding glass door, but lower it a few inches.

    New purchases could be a TV console - low and narrow, about 2 feet wider than the TV. You can hang the TV on the wall above it, and buy cord covers to hide the cords, if you like. Replace the mirror over the fireplace with a piece of art about 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the fireplace. For a fresh look, pick a dominant color (not red) from the art work and purchase new pillows, throw and footstool in that color.
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  • bonnielynn75
    I would hang the mirror over the fireplace, vertically to add some addition to the other furniture moves suggested and more red accents please!
  • themarquis
    I'd ditch the mirrors, they are not making the room look larger. Have someone install the TV above the fire place, cleverly disguise it behind an art canvas if you don't want to look at it all the time. Remove the lamps on the mantle. Move the sofa down to center across from the fireplace. Place one chair at an angle to the left of the fireplace and the other matching chair opposite and mirror the angle. I'd ditch the love seat, but if you're attached to it, get a cover for the love seat that matches the color of the sofa, that loud heavy print makes that piece look huge and contributes to the crowded feeling. If keeping the love seat, put it on the right side of the fireplace in stead of the chair and angle it and get rid of one chair. Move the art piece currently to the left of the fireplace to the back wall where the other mirror is and hang it at eye level, lower than it is now. I'd get ceiling to floor curtains for the sliding door, and replace the chandelier which is lowering the apparent ceiling hight with a flush mount very plain light fixture. Then buy a couple of larger, light color theme art pieces for the walls beside the fireplace. Keep it simple, clean, light feeling as any heavy color will just make this space seem smaller. Pop the sofa with matching pillows in a bright color, like orange or turquoise or a color in your newly acquired art pieces and let that be the color pop. Could recover the ottoman in a complimentary (and calm) print with the colors in your pillows.
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    S&A Decor
    1) get rid of the cheap old furniture and cheap mirrors
    2) TV should go on the same wall with fireplace but after it. u need to buy a large tv storage unit pic 1 (IKEA has nice ones) or do creative shelving around it pic 2
    3) sofa and a chair (not more that that - now u have a furniture store) should go on the other wall
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    S&A Decor
    4) nice looking mirror above fireplace
    5) big print (like of old city) instead of the other mirror
    6) plant can go in the corner opposite to the door
    7) your room is already small - use glass coffee table that visually doesn't consume space
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    At Your Service Custom Window Treatments
    Lots of great suggestions - one thing that might help is doing a floor plan to scale like this so that you can lay everything out and see how it fits. Setting up separate seating areas is key to making this long space functional and pretty.
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  • adelejuiamorris
    Also, rehang the picture next to the mirror somewhere else. The little lamps on the mantle are pretty but the ones on the table seem to be the wrong size. Temper the red with a cooler color on the walls and accessories like blue or gray.
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  • Lynnie
    Break up the room into two parts. Have a sofa in the middle or a Book case as a divider. Even a very cool screen would break it up. One area can be a dining area or office Or you can go with two cozy seating areas. Some other ideas are in photos below...

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    My Houzz: Sweet Sophistication for a Manhattan Studio · More Info

    Riverside Drive super groovy masterpiece · More Info

    Magnolia Gardens · More Info
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  • Karen Copeland
    I have a long narrow living room as well and I think you have two choices, you either work with the length or you work deliberately against it. For a while I sort of divided the room with a couch deliberately cutting it in half with the T.V. at one end. This made the room seem smaller. Your room is actually pretty big.

    Working with it would mean keeping a clean path that moves along the length of the room. This would mean moving the red loveseat to one end of the room. I like it with it's back to the sliding doors and agree with closing the curtains to hang behind it with a space behind to make it easy to step back there to go out. I'd leave the couch facing the fireplace and get a new flat screen t.v. and have it mounted on the wall over the fireplace. I'd put one end chair on the same wall as the couch only at a 45 degree angle where the couch and chair share the end table and the end chair faces the end of the room with the loveseat.

    I'd then put the other pale chair in the corner by the wall heater where you come in with a lamp behind it for reading. Now we've opened up the space so there's a sort of alley of length running down the room in front of the fireplace. I'd also pop up the pillow colors with more red and pull the ottoman in close to the couch and put a nice wooden or ceramic tray across it to let it be the coffee table. I'd replace the blue picture and look for one or two modern floral prints with red. (try Cost Plus). I'd change the fireplace lamps with two red votive holders and candles These are simple changes you can do with what you have without all new furniture. The biggest expense is the T.V. But you won't regret it, we mounted ours and it was great, it gave us back floor space and changed the flow of the room. We love it.
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    Eric & Eric Construction and Drafting Service
    One idea that sometimes gets overlooked is re-purposing the room entirely. I recently reviewed a project where the client was asking to increase the size of their living room, but their dining room was quite large. The living room was long and narrow with a fireplace at the end, and the dining room was large with vaulted ceilings. As it was, the layout was already adequate, so I suggested they switch the long, narrow living room into their dining area and turn the vaulted area into their living room. Just something to consider. ;)
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  • Denise Marchand
    I'm a little confused. How do you enter the room? Through the french doors or that little door at the end of the room? It looks like this is your main tv room. Is this correct? This could be a lovely room. I would love to help.
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  • pcmom1
    Eric and Eric is so right. Always good to look at our rooms' functions with fresh eyes. One of your other rooms must might have better proportions for tv viewing and visiting. This long narrow room could be turned into the spot for the formal dining table/and/or library office.

    And who doesn't love a dining table next to a fireplace?
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  • pcmom1
    I am just realizing that I don't see the exit to different rooms here. I see the front door, but how to you exit into your other rooms?
  • glann
    Thank you all for your comments. Love to have the feedback. Forgot to mention that I live with a very stubborn man who only wants to sit beside the patio doors to view the garden, so unfortunately, aesthetics do not come into this room. i.e. can't have a sofa across the patio doors! I have added and subtracted bits and pieces and bought a tv cabinet, but it is still in the same place and at the other end of the room I have added a bespoke bookcase (sort of like a reading area. We also have a very large family, 10 grandchildren and this room is useful for the amount of people we have sometimes. I do have a separate dining room at the front of the house. Once I have finished my revamp (within my permitted development) I will post pics. Thanks again.
  • Denise Marchand
    It's somewhat difficult without proper dimensions of the room, but here goes:

    1) The fireplace wall up to the break in the wall should be built up. Here are some inspiration pics for you to consider. The tv should definitely be on the left of the fireplace. This would give you a proper focal point to the room balancing the large sofa opposite the fireplace. Build up the fireplace with more moldings and paint the same as the existing.

    2) Place the small sofa (red) in front of the radiator and create a vignette with sconces on the wall and art in between. I agree that you should get a new cover for that sofa, but if you don't, paint that radiator wall the same color of the sofa. This makes a nice reading area.

    3) The curtains should be fuller (3 x the width of the wall) and ceiling to floor, wall to wall.

    4) Mirrors are tricky because they must reflect something inviting. Move the existing smaller mirror over the fireplace to over the console on the left of the sofa. It will reflect the garden and window treatment. Move the art piece over the fireplace and maybe consider a new bolder frame and matte. Large art around the room would also focus on color and movement.

    5) Remove the lamps from the mantle. Try the existing tall lamps - one on the console and one next to the red sofa. Install two wall sconces on the radiator wall to lighten up that end of the room. Get two floor lamps with swing arms.

    Where do the french doors lead to? and is the small door at the end of the room the actuall entrance to the room? I like the white wall systems which is a safe way to proceed. However, I would take a chance and do some dark wood to add excitement. Which one do you like best?
  • Denise Marchand
    Here's the inspiration pics for the tv fireplace wall
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  • Hannah Weiser-Gerike
    I have the exact same room. You need to put the tv on the wall above the mantel and the mirror above the couch to give the appearance of a bigger room. Add a sconce on each side of the mirror to give a more luxurious feel and viola! Also I would break the window by adding 3 panels instead of 2 (1 in the middle). Instead of having a couch I put a sectional (that has a chase) on the side of the where you have the couch. I picked an off white and this way the room feels bigger and less cluttered. Good luck!
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  • glann
    Denise, thanks for the pic. probably picture no. 1 of the second batch. I can't have furniture that isn't against the wall as it is too restricting and narrow. Great advice though. Thanks.
  • Denise Marchand
    glann, The pics were suggestions for the tv/fireplace wall only. If you need more open room, eliminate the ottoman at the lounge chair in the middle of the room directly facing the tv. By elaborating the tv/fireplace it would balance the room and prevent it from looking like an alley. To get the look of the pic you like, you can buy billy bookcases from ikea and add a top shelf with molding. As long as the bookcases are exactly the same height as the fireplace mantle, it will look smart and clean.

    Also, add a simple valance, up to the ceiling, over your existing sliding door window treatment. The valance should go from the ceiling to below the top of the sliding door frame. Looks like 24" high.

    The radiator wall can be exciting also. If you paint it a bold color and add a wall of art over the sofa, it won't seem as a forgotten end of the room.
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  • PRO
    Transforming Rooms
    Avoid horizontal shapes, such as the horizontal mirror & horizontal art which are running the same direction as the room. They tend to emphasize the long narrow feeling.
    It helps to incorporate chairs with a "curved" shape, and/or a round cocktail table or ottoman. Vertical or square art is good.

    Here's a blog that talks about furnishing long narrow rooms (with before/after photos):

    The round ottoman and curved chairs in this designer's room are a great example
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    Trendoffice Interior Design Consulting
    I had a similar project - a long narrow living room with a kitchen at the dark end where the entrance is. Here is the result - I used lighter cool colour for the side walls and warm more intense colow for the distant walls. This visually balanced the size. With the help of a textured wallpaper I outlined the area for dining and thus separated it from the rest of the living room
  • PRO
    I recommend that you omit the mirror on the short wall - it only makes the room look longer relative to its width. Replace it with large scale artwork that will shorten the perspective.
    Recover the seating piece that is now in a red print with a solid color fabric that blends with the walls.
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  • suzyq2260
    I would definitely wall mount the tv, it could be put on a pivoting arm, allowing better visual access. Buy a nest of tables and purchase a couple of floor lamps, this would free up some space but you would still have table top space for cups of tea when visitors come over. Also upholstery would match throughout and be neutral, with curtains, cushions, carpet/rug and art work giving the space the colour.
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  • glann
    1. I meant to update this site with photos! Although it may not be evident in latest photos. But I did get rid of the Popcorn ceiling, love seat, and just recently purchased a Savoy Blue Sofa and await the chairs! The fireplace wall is off centre as the room was extended way beyond that recess so I am stuck with it, unless I do a major overhaul. I put large canvasses on walls and await another one to evenly balance fireplace wall as well. I needed the advice to work with a long boring narrow room. Believe it or not the curtain material is from the USA! Thanks everyone. I am pleased with the minor adjustments although it did take some planning and energy to get it sorted. Maybe next year I will get the hardwood floors. While I was doing this room, I decided to upcycle my bedroom wardrobes and they look great. Before and after photos show.

  • pat1250

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