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Post-Christmas tree parlor changes, a good idea?

January 1, 2016
last modified: January 1, 2016

One nice thing about having a huge tree in your house means that you get
to see your spaces with the furniture rearranged! We took our Christmas
tree down today and I decided I kind of like the room with less
furniture in it. I might not put back the two chairs that used to be in
this room. We also recently inherited a rug and I added it to the space.
I'm looking for input regarding the changes in furniture layout and the
rug. I'd also appreciate any other added suggestions! Thank you!

Comments (29)
  • Pam Fisher
    I like it! You could put a pair of simple ottomans, or an upholstered bench in the window nook, to replace the "lost" seating.
    nouterbud thanked Pam Fisher
  • stephmal
    I actually love the before. The mission couch fits perfectly in the nook to form an inviting "window seat." The rocking chairs echo the design of the couch, while the other sofa and the stripe rug add a very interesting "eclectic mix." The new rug, though lovely, is too small for the space..do you have another place for it? If you feel the old layout is too crowded, perhaps use only one rocker?
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  • PRO
    ReMax - Lisa
    I love the before as well, the striped rug gives a lovely casual feel. I might try the two chairs in the window nook though. Maybe the new rug could go in the dining room or a bedroom?
  • Ellen Crown
    I feel like any furniture in front of the door blocks the flow of traffic. Because you likely want additional seating and conversational space, I agree that the rockers could nest near the window bay, but pulled close enough so they part of the same group of seating as the sofa. I prefer the striped rug. The size fits the room better. This is a really nice home with great details. I think I spot a woodstove. Awesome.
  • Liz H
    What a beautiful rug! I understand that some people might consider it a bit small, but I VEHEMENTLY (stomping foot!) disagree! I hate the idea of hiding any part of that gorgeous thing under furniture, which is why I support the earlier suggestion of getting a long ottoman for the window space and forgetting about those chairs, lovely as they are. You have a really lovely room, btw.
  • shiningautumn888
    I love the after and love the new rug. Adds nice color and warmth. You could try 1 rocker in the bay window if yoi need seatimg but I really like the After
  • Katbv Vero
    Love your craftsman home!
  • sandradclark

    Is that the front door behind the one rocker? If so, it will create a problem to enter the house for more than one person, at least. I love Oriental rugs however, my eye is very much more pleased with the striped one. Plus, if you do not use that door to enter I like the second & the 4th photos best. Lower the art above the cloth sofa to be about 7" above the back of sofa. Beautiful craftsman house & either rug can work alright.

  • groveraxle

    I prefer the before as well. I like the after art better, though (but it needs to be lower, of course).

  • nouterbud
    Thanks for all the ideas. To answer questions, The door is very rarely used and even with the couch in front of it, it opens well enough. The two sofas seem to be ample seating and the chairs are now useful in another room, although they could come back. I don't feel there is a shortage of seating. The new rug is too small for the dining room, and could be used in a bedroom but I'd prefer it to be in a room where we get to enjoy it much more often.

    Sounds like lots of votes for the striped rug. I do love how it creates a more eclectic feel. Maybe there is a way to make the room more eclectic while keeping the new rug? One problem with the striped rug is the it's a flat weave and it's forever bunching up and buckling. (And yes, it has a nice pad under it.)

    I agree the new rug looks too small for the room. I do wish it were bigger!

    I love all the suggestions. Thank you and keep them coming!

    Ps-Ellen crown We love our jotel wood stove and we heat our house almost entirely with wood-we also have a wood burning furnace.
  • pcmom1

    Art way too high in all the shots.

  • mramsey

    I like the new layout and the red carpet, it's a more vibrant colour and suits the house. In the window seat area, I could see a low built in window seat /day bed. It would be an awesome spot for a nap or overnight visitor, so make it the size of a single mattress, add wall mounted reading lights in a sympathetic style and pile it up with some colourful pillows. Mount a curtain rod on the outside of the alcove and you have a miniature guest room little hideaway that kids big and small will enjoy.

    The art (after)as well as needing to be a bit lower, needs a bigger matte and more generous frame IMO.

  • arvilla_trag
    love the before
  • nouterbud

    What do you all think about putting the new rug in the window bay and leaving the rest of the room without a rug?

  • Liz H
    I don't think I'd like it, but you never know until you try, right?
  • pcmom1

    I love the red rug for the wintertime and the gray stripped for the warm months.

  • pcmom1

    Art to hang in the winter:

    'Mountain Snow Storm' Canvas Art by Lois Bryan · More Info

  • pcmom1

    Art to hang in the summer:

    "Drifting Away" Hand-Painted Canvas, 40"x40" · More Info

  • PRO

    I prefer the oriental rug and the wood frame sofa in the alcove.

    Think the pillows that coordinate with the rug should be stronger blue or reddish graphic.

    Save the striped rug for summer, though IMO it's a bit bland for the room.

    Lower the art over the sofa, and perhaps change it out for something larger.

    nouterbud thanked BeverlyFLADeziner
  • Susan Davis

    I love this room! I love the craftsman sofa in the alcove.....but I would tweak a few things!

    I would put the coat hooks to the right of the door.

    Put the large colorful art on one short wall to right of alcove, stack the other two art pieces on the left wall where the coat hooks were about 65 inches on center.

    Remove on chair, and keep rocker, but place where the chair was.

    Put a small console and colorful art lamp under the mirror on the door wall.

    Select a variation of a dominant color from the large print and paint the alcove a lighter version of what ever color you pick. Add a pillow or two with same color/s.

    Place a lantern or two with fat candles on the cocktail table.

    Keep the striperug! It looks fresh in the room and the color is perfect.

    Of course this is all my two cents after looking at your really really cool room.

    nouterbud thanked Susan Davis
  • nouterbud

    soosun2, i can visualize your ideas and they look great in my mind. if i move the coat rack next to the door, do i move the mirror over? how does that work with the console table idea (under the mirror). Thanks!

  • nouterbud

    new pics, with rug moved into alcove-my kids decided it needed pillows and that it was perfect for playing on. :)

  • nouterbud

    and another scenario, with the coffee table in the alcove, which can also be used as a bench.
    ps-i promise i will lower the art soon! :)

    and a new angle on the room.

    maybe this is a factor, but this rug does match (not an exact match but they were made at the same time by the same person, different sizes) and they can be seen from either room. I don't know it that's good or bad (too matchy? or cool?)

  • Ellen Crown
    I love your craftsman. We are definitely huge woodstove fans, too. The first pic is of our old cottage. The woodstove is a Vermont Castings that heated the whole place. The second pic is the woodstove we installed in our current home which has a more modern feel. We use it lots and it has really come in handy during periods where we have lost power for days at a time.
  • nouterbud

    L shaped configuration:

  • nouterbud

    I posted photos of multiple ideas above--any favorites? thanks!

  • izeve

    I like the L-shaped configuration but would make the following changes:

    - move the light colored sofa to the left and switch the position of the floor lamp and the end table

    - lower your artwork over the sofa so that the centers of the pictures are at eye level (60" from the floor)

  • Stacy Lawrence

    Have you thought about layering the rugs? I've never done it but I've seen Genevieve Gorder do it and it always looks nice… Personally, I do like your after it seems a little less cluttered and I like symmetry (i.e. the couches across from each other) Did you try the rockers in the window yet? Lovely room btw

  • suezbell

    Really nice room. The two chairs near the door permit better traffic flow than having either sofa there. I prefer the striped rug.

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