Synthetic Plantation Shutters?

Ssiard .
4 years ago

I am researching whether to get plantation shutters for my house and need some advice since they are expensive and there are so many choices. A picture of my grand room is attached and, as you can see, the 12 windows in this room make it difficult to watch TV during sunny days. Shutters being able to block 100% light is what lead me to them in the first place but of course they look amazing.

Most of my windows are 34” wide and over 70” tall with 7” of window sill. The walls are package paint canvas tan and the trim is extra white. Floor is oak stained 139 rosewood.

I am shying away from wood shutters due to my cats and how easily it appears that basswood can be scratched. This and the size of the window has lead me to aluminum reinforced synthetic shutters such as polycore, duracore, alumacore, etc. I like the durability, strength, energy savings, and that they will stand up to the Dallas area sun. So I have a few questions:

  1. Do you think these windows are too big for shutters? I don’t plan on adding drapes.
  2. Synthetic shutters like PolyCore seem better than MDF and PVC in every way but the big names like Hunter Douglas and Norman do not have a similar product. Is there a reason why? This makes me think the synthetic is just marketing hype.
  3. I’m in the Dallas area and many of the shutter installers I have looked at either have wood, PVC, or MDF. I’ve only found one installer that has the aluminum reinforced synthetic. Am I missing something?
  4. Is something like PolyCore similar to Polywood except with aluminum supports? By this I mean it feels more like wood and not so much like plastic.
  5. Should I get white shutters to match the white trim?
  6. Should each window have 2 panels or 1? I think I would prefer 1 since it would let in more light but I’m not sure how it would look with such a wide window.
  7. What louver sizes would look good?

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