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Refrigerator is too big for my small kitchen

L Almeida
5 years ago

Considered buying a counter depth refrigerator but the issue would still be same. The refrigerator is right in front of the widest counter, so it blocks the way and nobody can walk if the fridge's door is open or if someone is there. Considering moving the fridge wot where the pantry in cause it is deeper. Can't move the fridge back cause there is a bathroom behind it.

refrigerator is 33", counter is 25", pantry is 40", so it will fit in the pantry. we will remove the wall and door. I will leave the wall by the hallway. Don't have too many other options as far as another place to put the fridge. My biggest issue is where to put the pantry. I know I will lose storage but should we build a cabinet where the fridge was? Should we center the fridge and build 2 narrower cabinets on each side? Do we keep the box on top of the cabinet?

I am open any suggestions. Apologies for too many pictures. Could not figure out how to delete them.

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