Chicken manure on garden?

2 years ago

I asked my husband to get some manure for our garden because last year we didn't put any down and we hardly grew anything. (Compared to the year before, when we did use manure, and it was great.) I have an all vegetable/herb garden. He got some yesterday and spread it on the garden while I was at work. When I came home he told me it was chicken manure, which he hadn't put near the chives (already growing) because he was told (by our friend the farmer who gave it to us) that the manure will kill plants. That made me wonder about if I could even plant seeds, which I had wanted to start this week. Looking up more about this, it sounds like he must have gotten "raw" chicken manure, which every source says is terrible - bacteria-laced, filled with weed seeds, and will kill anything you try to grow - unless you put it on months in advance. Best hope would be that he is wrong and it is actually aged/composted, but if it is supposedly "hot" still, then it doesn't seem like it is.

I pretty much want to cry because I think I may have lost my whole garden for the year. :-( Is there anything I can do, now that it is already on the ground, to make it possible for me to plant?

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