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Latex paint peeling off in sheets on new drywall

5 years ago

I recently remodeled and discovered a problem in several rooms. The paint peels off in giant sheets cleanly. These rooms have new sheetrock. They were taped using different joint compound as they were finished at different times. One room is painted with SW Duration and the others with BM Regal Select. All were primed with SW Prep Right Pro Block Acrylic primer from the same 5 gallon container. One painter painted the kitchen and another company painted the other rooms with the issue several months later

Here is a video that shows the problem as pictures don't do it justice. SW has taken samples for analysis. Any suggestions how to fix this other than starting over?

Please don't say this was from dust. The walls were vacuumed and prepped. I have also painted over dust and never had this issue.

When I peel it, it comes off right down to the compound. This video shows me pulling it off with one hand.

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