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2019 New Year’s SEED Swap

December 29, 2018

Welcome to the 2019 New Year’s Seed Swap

Details for Swap

1) Everyone is welcome to participate if you have 5 packets to send in or if you have 300 packets to send in you are all welcome to participate, its a lot of fun.

2) You have plenty of time to gather seeds and send them in, they are not due in until February 1st. I will have them back in the mail by end of February.

3) Please send a return mailing label and enough postage to return your new fresh seeds back to you, or if you want to just insert a new envelope with postage this is fine.

4) Please make a list of what you send in, this will assist me so you will receive all different ones in return.

5) You will receive at least as many packets of seed that you send in unless, you have plenty and want to donate some to newbies.

6) I will try to reward those that send in rarer, exotic, and named varieties when possible, Please send no more than 15 of the same variety.

7) Please private message me with your address. So I can get you on my spreadsheet.

8) This is to be fun, and you should receive a lot of new varieties that you don't have, and it is mostly dependent on you , if you send lots of the more common varieties you will get similar in return.. So sign up today, and join in all the fun, sharing and enjoying seeds from all over the country.

9) You can list your preferences, flowers, vegetables, mixed, herbs, etc.

10) If you have questions please ask. I will be happy to answer them.

Please Mail to :

Tammy McClearen

Box 1921

Seminole, Texas 79360

i will I’ll be posting some games as well so stay tuned for them.


Comments (144)
  • mcc371

    Annette, Tom and Skyblue52 are very warm!! Hisbisicusfan you are way cold.

    hint: it’s in the 90’s that should make us have a winner soon

  • mcc371

    Sorry those are wrong too Annette is hot and Hu-981196514 you are warm too. Both are welcome to guess again

  • mcc371

    There is one number left in 90’s and Annette is hot!! Look back at those numbers already said and figure out which one is left. That hasn’t been said.

  • Annette H

    Haha 99

  • mcc371

    Congrats to Annette!!! Your special prize is 5 Pack’s of park seed. I will PM you the details!

  • Annette H

    Thanks Tammy for making this thread so fun! :)

  • nottougly


    Mine will always be flowers


  • Oladon

    If anyone has any special requests from my stash, ask now or forever hold your peas!

  • Syd Vang

    I'd like to join the seed swap!

  • mcc371

    Welcome Syd Vang!

  • mcc371

    Annette can you pm me as I went to your profile to send you a message but the button is missing. Not sure unless you have messaging turned off.

  • mcc371

    I will be adding more seeds to my trade list if there is anything you would like please send me a pm and if it’s available I will put it in your return packs. Oladon mentioned that if there was something on his trade list to let them now and they would send it in For you.

  • Annette H

    Please excuse my cluelessness--Where can we see people's lists of available seeds to trade? Are they posted somewhere? I can see Tammy's on her profile page, but can't seem to find Oladon's. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Garrett Bruecks

    I would like to participate. Gotta go find where I put my seeds . Also, how many seeds ideally in a packet

  • Oladon

    That's odd... it definitely used to be there!

    Let me go poke at my profile and see if I can get it back.

    Edit: Aha... it's still there under "GardenWeb Trading List", but apparently they removed the link to it. I'll try to get it up as an "Ideabook" like Tammy, but in the meantime, feel free to reference my spreadsheet directly.

  • Annette H

    Wowsa Oladon. So organized! I'd love to trade some with you. See anything on my list you might be interested in? The majority I got from expert gardeners and I have no idea what they are, so hopefully they will go to a good home!

  • Syd Vang

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but newbie here... For the seeds swap, approximately how many seeds should we put into each packet to send in?

  • mcc371

    seed counts- I dont especially count for small seeds. Some say anything over 25 seeds is good for most things except tiny seeds (maybe a small pinch or scoop) or very large and rare seeds...maybe 5-10 is a good amount of extra big or rare seeds.

    My opinion is that ideally a packet contains enough for 2 plantings, one for now, one for later...and that could be a very different number than 20-25 seeds depending on their size.

    What you would like to receive in quantity is also a general guide to go by.

    There really isn’t a set amount but include enough that if one planting doesn’t produce they have a second chance.

  • mcc371

    Welcome to our swap Garrett Bruecks

  • Katherine Bridges

    Does anyone have the following seeds ( I have a Long list to trade.): ISO the following Baker Creek Varieities and would love to trade if you have these: Mongolian giant sunflower, gagon cucumber, dragon’s egg cucumber, Parisian pickling cucumber, Richmond green apple cucumber, yamato extra long cucumber, 15000 year old cave bean, fort portal jade bean, good mother Stallard bean, ojo de tigre bean, succotash bean, snow cap bean, slipper silks bean, urizun Japanese winged bean, thai purple podded yard long bean, abigail’s coffee okra, sanguine ameliore / strawberry cabbage lettuce, art combe’s ancient watermelon, Russian black seeded sunflower, pusa asita black carrot, pin striped peanut from Ecuador, sea island pea, thai double blue butterfly pea, musquee de maroc, flat white boer pumpkin

  • Oladon

    Tammy, do you mind if I include an inner envelope clearly marked for Annette (and she for me)? Since we're both sending you packages anyway, I figure we can save on shipping this way, if you don't mind. :)

  • mcc371

    Katherine Bridges are you joining our group?

  • mcc371

    Oladon you can just put them in a ziplock with her name and she can do the same for you. I will be sending seeds combined from everyone and ones specific for you in one return package.

  • Brandy Summerlin

    I'm sending my seeds tomorrow! This is so exciting! Thank you for organizing!

  • tom jones

    midwestfarmwife nd
    hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio please pm me your address so I can send you seed

  • Oladon

    Thanks, Tammy! Appreciate it! :) I'm planning to get them sent this week, and I'll PayPal you for the return postage.

    Annette, how about: arugula, celery, marjoram, dill, and asparagus. What would you like from my collection?

  • Annette H

    Sounds good, Oladon! I'd love to have: Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash, English Tall Lavender, Hardy Hibiscus, Spacemaster 80 Cucumber, Golden Scallop Squash. Thanks! And thanks to Tammy for connecting everyone!

  • mcc371

    Tom you can send their seed in with their names on it and I’ll put it in their return packs to help save on postage

  • mcc371

    Today’s Rambling Swap News-

    Glad to see some of you trading seeds just make sure to write who they go to and I can get them in there return packs. With the amount of people in our group I think once again our packages are gonna be full. You will all be excited as a kid on Christmas Eve.. lol!I know last year I posted pics of some of the packages coming in and then those going out( oh speaking of sending seeds out be sure and get a tracking number so if something doesn’t arrive we can track it) There was a big difference in size.

    Be sure and PM me your address if you haven’t done so. I put them in a spreadsheet along with your prefences of either flower or veggie, or herb or a mixture of all seeds.

    Then I put what you sent in. I’ll post a pic sometime when we start getting everything rolling.

    Spring is around the corner.. I am so ready!!

    Have a beautiful Day!


  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio

    Mcc371 I sent my address to your Hozz page.

  • jdmom78_8a

    just looked back at the seed packet game and congrats annette!!! that was a fun game tammy. i hope you have more games coming...

    question about packing seeds... i harvested seeds in 2018 so does my tag say 2018 or 2019? because technically, they are for the 2019 planting season. just wondering, because its a whole year we are talking about in terms of long term viability when they are stored.

  • mcc371

    Jdmom 78_8a

    Yes there is more games coming, so stay alert! LOL!

    I always put on mine the year I harvested, if from my gardens. Otherwise I put the year from the package they came in on there. All seed packs from store have planting season dates best if used by.

  • mcc371


    I received seed packages from


    Konya Ashley

    I have a mystery envelope that came in a USPS damaged bag from Lacey E. Please respond so I can identify you by your Houzz name. I don't have this name or address in my spreadsheet. I also need to verify contents to make sure all is here. Thanks!

  • Zeak Rice

    I'd like to join.

  • manowarfan1

    I'd like to join. I have an in person seed swap or two in the next week and then can compile a list of what I have available and what I will still be looking for. Thank you for all the work folks are putting in to this. Jeff Hall

  • Oladon

    Annette, you got it! I'll get those baggied up and added to the pile! :)

  • Oladon

    At this rate I might have to get a bigger bubble mailer!

  • Oladon

    I've decided to wait a few more days to mail mine -- I'm getting new miniature baggies in the mail soon, and just might make up a few more things to send in. :)

    (With that, if anyone else wants anything specific from my list, please let me know!)

  • mcc371

    Welcome Zeak Rice & Manowarfan1.

  • mcc371

    Azat Dovranov is looking for the following seeds.

    1) Sungold tomato,

    2)Boxcar Willie tomato,

    3)Shishito pepper,

    4) Anaheim pepper,

    5)Mitoyo eggplant,

    6) Georgia collard,

    7)Clemson spineless okra.

  • mcc371


    I received seed packages from

    Lacey E. ?? ( please PM me)


    Konya Ashley

    Azat Dovranov

  • tom jones

    According to the tracking number you should have mine

  • mcc371

    Thanks Tom for letting me know. I will go check as of Saturday morning it wasn't out for delivery. My post office is slow when it comes to giving me what I want..LOL!

    Game to be posted soon, Stay alert!

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