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Flashing LED Flushmount Lights.

February 12, 2019

I live in a modern home built in 1999 with builder grade Lowes/HD light switches. I have a long hallway with three flush mount ceiling lights (all on or off together) controlled from three regular non-dimming switches (DPDT switches I assume). ~3 years ago, I replaced the incandessant fixtures with Home depot Commercial Electric LED fixtures. They give much better light. I actually got several extras as I was buying 'returned' items from a reseller. None of the lamps had been installed. Issues were minor missing parts or packaging issues.

The hallway lamps get used a lot. After a year, one of the lamps began to continually flash perhaps 3X/sec after being on for 30-60 minutes. I replaced it with another unit but several months later, another unit flashed the same way and now the first replaced unit is failing the same way.

I had assumed these were cheaply built unit failures, but now I am wondering if it could be a wiring or switch issue? I guess it wouldn't kill me to buy more expensive switches and make sure contacts are solid. The original wiring was all done using the screw terminals and not the push in connections. Is there a logical reason to look at the switches?

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