winter damage report 2019

davidrt28 (zone 7)
11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

Things that survived this winter's freeze to roughly 2 F with no snow cover:

Callistemon 'Wetlands Challenged Mutant' (foliar kill but branches ok, only planted last spring)

Nerium 'Mathilde Farrand' (supposedly the hardiest; more damage than above but clearly alive; also planted last spring but as a larger plant)

Melianthus villosus with 1.5 or so quarts of sand mounded around the stem

Colquhounia coccinea NO extra protection beyond scant mulch

Phlomis cashmeriana - vigorously regrowing. Not the Phlomis I want to keep alive, but at least I finally have one LOL

all of the above on south or SW masonry building walls

Phormium ex "Lake Te Anau" from Cistus...I did add a bit of extra mulch. Damaged but base of leaves still green and actively regrowing. It will take a string of mild winters to get it to bloom; fingers crossed.

Amaryllis belladonna - last of 6 ordered from the Bulb Baron. Other 2 next to it did not survive, so it might have extra hardy genes.

both of the above on south facing slope.

in the open garden:

Abelia schumanii - thought it might be a bit tender but it's not

Toona 'Flamingo' - sadly, the main stem died. It is growing back from the roots, slowly. This tenderness might explain why this is not more common in the states, outside the PNW. OTOH, it grew crazy fast, I wonder if the retail nursery had juiced it with too many fertilizer beads. Did not seem to slow down in the fall. This can affect the hardiness of things in borderline situations.

Rhododendron 'Leda' - not thought to be super hardy.

Rhododendron 'Nancy Evans' - flower buds killed but foliage mostly ok. Grafted so able to grow on the east coast. The big secret the nursery industry doesn't want you to know. Could not believe the USNA spring plant sale is peddling the similar 'Yellow Petticoats'. They have a snowballs chance in hell of surviving ungrafted on the east coast. Potted ones for me were even more sickly that potted, ungrafted 'Nancy Evans'.

Camellia 'Red Jade', newly planted. Main protection was from winter morning sun. Still, proof this is a fairly hardy variety. Even flowered.

Cam. 'Mieko Tanaka', also protected, but more damage. Some leaf burn but nothing serious.

Arbutus 'Elfin King'...foliar burn but nothing too serious.

Gardenias 'Kleims Hardy', 'Frostproof' and ...the other one whose name I forget! All damaged but returning.

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