Bed filled with just OK soil?

May 16, 2019

I moved into town from the country a couple of years ago and discovered that the raised garden bed the previous owners had built was a prop and filled with construction rubble and wouldn't grow much of anything except chard.

I had it dug out and refilled at a pretty hefty expense. (I told the guy I wanted a vege blend) and planted Gr beans, beets, leeks, lettuce & radish (much earlier) and marigolds.

The beets are not doing much as well as the leeks. The beans are up, but have turned rather yellowish. The lettuce looks fine.

I had a pretty good compost set up at my old place with several bins, and always had some on any unused bed. Here I have little room for a compost set up (but I'm getting it together slowly)

I'm just wondering if there's a good product to add to what's growing now?

My in ground plants are doing great. We had no idea how good our soil was! What a great surprise!

Fertilizer? compost? Suggestions?

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