Help with pull sizes for 27, 31.5, and 36 inch wide drawers

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June 15, 2019

I am struggling with what sizes of pulls to use. What sizes would you use on this oven/rangetop wall? If I can figure out this wall, the rest of the drawers/doors should fall into place.

Option A: My thinking is that I want to do a slightly longer single pull on the 36" range top drawers. I figure I would most likely open the drawer with one hand so one centered pull might be better. However, what size should I do? Is 6 5/16 long enough? I am not a fan of an extremely long pull spanning most of the width of the cabinet.

Option B: I also like the look of two smaller pulls on a 36" drawer. However, if I do two pulls on the 36", what do I do on the 27" drawers and the 31.5" drawer under the ovens? They seem too small for two pulls. If you do two pulls on a large 36" cabinet, how small should the other cabinets get before you go down to 1 single pull?

Not a great pic but this one appears to have two small pulls on the 36" rangetop base and then single pulls on the slightly smaller drawers next to it. Will I really open this drawer with two hands or will always grab it from the left handle and eventually make the glides go out of whack?

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I am leaning towards the Amerock Kane pulls in Black Bronze. They come in 3, 3 3/4, 5 1/6, 6 5/16, 8, 12, 18. Perimeter cabinets will be white and island will be stained.

Amerock Kane shown in the next few pics in various ORB and satin nickel.

I love the look of this one.

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However, the larger appliance pulls get rather bulky. I am assuming that is an 18" pull on the side of the island. I would not want to do something that large on the 36" rangetop base drawer.

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This post from Houzz says they used a 6 1/4" pull on a 36" drawer. Is it too small?

Can you pls show me a single centered pull on a 36" pot drawer? · More Info

Elsewhere in the kitchen, we will have an 18" trash pullout and a dishwasher door panel. I am fine doing larger pulls on them (maybe 12"?), but they will be in the stained wood island as opposed to white so the pulls won't stand out as much.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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