Bush Bea failure this year

Mt Gardenerlady
July 21, 2019
last modified: July 21, 2019

Hi, I am at a loss. For years I have successfully direct sown Bush beans and done very well. This year, I can't get them to grow to save my life. The biggest issue is germination. Hardly any that I planted come up. The first time, I thought "bad seeds". So I bought different seeds. And I soaked the seeds overnight. Same result. Of the few that do come up, they appear as just stems, like something ate the leaves the second they sprouted. I have done nothing different this year than all previous years. I plant, water then mulch with grass clippings to keep from drying out. Once sprouted, I keep watered and fertilize with organic compost.Second question, can Bush beans be successfully started indoors and transplanted in the garden?

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