ZeroDrain "Pop Down Drain"

August 13, 2019

Does anyone have one of these? I discovered it years ago and saved it to a "remodel" folder that I've since deleted :( Can't believe I found it so easily by just typing "pop down drain". Before I order it tho I'm looking for someone that can share their experience with a pop "down" drain.


Zero Drain

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  • adawn5

    I have one that came with my california faucet in the basement bathroom. I like it just fine. I never liked the look of having a faucet with a pull-up thing in the back anyway. I guess the only downside is if you fill the sink with water and are soaking something dirty, you then have to put your hand into the dirty water to push the drain down (so that it pops up) to drain the sink. Wouldn't bother me, but maybe might bother someone else?

    Also, other faucet companies seem to make the same type of push-down pop-up drain, but different styling so the zero drain isn't the only option. For example, I had a Brizo Odin faucet (Brizo is made by Delta) ordered and installed in my hall bath recently. I knew it would have a press-down pop up drain and assumed it would look like the Cal Faucets zero drain which looks like a regular drain. Nope. I got a mushroom/dome shaped press-down pop up drain that I guess "goes with" the Brizo faucet. I'm still getting used to the look of it. Photos show it in the up then down position. I guess either I wasn't paying attention in the plumbing showroom or they had the faucet displayed with a different drain.

  • adawn5

    Pushed down position

  • adawn5

    Up position:

  • Brittney E

    Yes mine is a Kohler one

  • jupidupi

    Pop up drains are great for sinks, but DO NOT get one for a bathtub. We bought a very expensive Kohler cast iron tub that has a pop up drain in the middle. Almost every time I bath, I find myself accidentally sitting on it and opening it.

  • monicakm_gw

    Thanks everyone. My Pop Down Drain is on it's way. My current drain is so ugly. I don't know how it even got installed LOL This sink deserves better! In case you can't see it very well, the drain stopper sticks up about an inch and a half. I think it's a bathtub drain :o

  • chispa

    I have the Cal Faucet pop down drains and I was probably the one that recommended them on the forums! I put the first one in about 6 years ago and have added more as I remodeled the rest of the bathrooms. They work great, but I noticed that in the rarely used sinks the pop down mechanism becomes a bit stiff. It is easy to fix by removing the pop down part and pressing it up/down a few times on a hard surface, but I should probably go around to those sinks once a month and open/close the stopper a few times to keep it "lubricated".

    We are building and I plan to use them again in the new house.

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