Help with fireplace and tv

Zach S
August 19, 2019

I'm looking for advice on what do do with my tv and fireplace layout. I was thinking about getting an electrician to put a outlet and cables for the TV above my fireplace. I contacted one and he told me that the tv would get too hot above the the fireplace. I think it will look off if I mount the tv beside the fireplace. I have some ideas on what to do but can't decide.

  1. Mount it above the fireplace anyways and try to not use the fireplace.
  2. Mount it to the right of the fireplace and make some sort of feature wall. There might not be enough room on the wall though.
  3. Remove the current fireplace and install a linear gas fireplace lower and mount the tv above it.
  4. Remove the current fireplace and mount an electric liner fireplace and install the tv above it.
  5. What you recommend

The furnished picture is from the previous owners.

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