Are most kitchen cabinet drawers the same regarding wasted space?

October 7, 2019
last modified: October 7, 2019

Wondering about different kitchen cabinet lines - are some cabinet lines more vs less wasteful in drawer cabinet design?

For example, I measured one of my current cabinets (manufacturer unknown). It has four drawers and is nominally 15" wide and standard height of about 33.5 inches and 24" deep. Nominally, that has the potential of nearly 7 cubic feet of storage. Of course, that's the external dimensions.

However, reality is that each drawer measures 10.5" wide, 4.75" high, and 18" deep, so each drawer only has .52 cf of space; times 4 drawers, that's barely 2 cf. So nearly 5 cf is lost to the actual framing of the cabinet, and drawers that don't go as deep as I might have hoped.

I'm wondering if ALL framed drawer cabinets are this wasteful with space, or if some manufacturers maybe are a bit less wasteful somehow.

Edited to add: I just thought to measure a base cabinet in another room, which I do know the manufacturer. Hanssemm, also a 15" cabinet. Drawer width is 10.25" (so only .25" less in width), but the depth is barely 16" - that's 2" of lost space in each and every drawer compared to my current kitchen cabinets.

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