Are these bedrooms too small?

October 9, 2019
last modified: October 9, 2019

Hello Everybody,

How are you guys today?

Please help on this !

We are bulding a 2 storey house and this is what the upstairs looks like. What do you think about it? I feel like the master bedroom is a bit small for what it is. And the twins room also. I don't know.

The house is located in a tropical hot area.

Thank you for helping


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  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    Lay out the furniture to scale, that will tell you.

  • cpartist

    Layout is poor.

    Your master is next to the twins room so the twins will hear whatever is going on in your bedroom.

    Your bathroom takes up the prime corner spot instead of the bedroom

    The dressing room is bigger than the bedroom?

    As laid out there is no way for the kids to comfortably get into or out of the tub.

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  • robin0919

    That's a horrible layout.

  • nini804

    Lol, Tatts!!

  • avrilat

    Thank you all for the comments.

    For the bedroom layout this was what i wanted to get. Bedroom facing bath and dressing. That is why the bathroom found itself on the corner. But in my case i closed the Front (I don't want to see the bath from laying on my bed).

  • avrilat

    But i agree overall because with the comments. those were my concerns also and i don't know what to do. We thought that by having kids rooms close by we could check on them quicker. ( still pregnant) and the little one is 4 years old now. So how do you advise we do?

  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    All the walls, including the exterior walls are 6" thick. Are they masonry?

    Kid's room No 2 is not properly dimensioned but appears to be 8'-10" wide which is too small unless its a nursery.

    The stairway runs are a little over 4 ft wide and the hall is larger than the small bedroom.

  • drdeb1234

    It’s important to remember that the kids won’t always be little. If you expect to be in this house for a long time, plan for the teenage years (and ya, the bed up against the twins’ wall is not a great idea; at some point you might also not want to hear too much about what’s going on there!)

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  • Lisa

    Are there any closets in the bedrooms?

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  • chicagoans

    In addition to comments above: I'd try to rearrange the bathrooms so a toilet isn't right across from the door (not a great view when the door is open.) Ditch the double sinks in the master bath so that you have 1 sink and some storage in the vanity. (There's not enough room there for two people to stand side by side anyway.)

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  • Rekha A 9a Houston area

    OP, where are you located?

  • avrilat

    i am in New york. But building in west Africa

  • Ig222

    The kid' s room #2 is smaller than the dressing, and the useful size is around 13 m2. This seems quite small. This independently of the layout issues.

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  • apple_pie_order

    Do you have an architect or will you be hiring one?

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  • AnnKH

    Do you have a lovely view on the balcony side? If I'm understanding your dimensions correctly, the skinny portion is wide enough to stand on, but not wide enough for chairs. Even the wide part is barely big enough for 3 chairs, once you account for the walkway by the door. How do you envision using the balcony? If you can incorporate that space into indoor space, it gives you more options.

    The first thing I would do is give the kids a shared bath. I notice none of the bathrooms has a tub - I would like at least one tub with small children. If you put a nice sized shared bath in the middle, at the bottom (where the words "master bedroom" are), you can access the master where the enormous dressing room is. The bedroom can go in the corner (and get 2 windows), while he dressing room space converts to bathroom and closet.

    You can definitely do better!

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  • Mrs Pete

    I don't see much to like here, but I see a number of problems:
    - The jigs and jogs around the perimeter are driving up the price ... with no benefit in terms of function /livability.

    - You're giving the 4-year old the same space as the twins ... plus the twins are sharing a bathroom, while the older child has his own. The twins are going to feel cheated eventually. I'd either go with three kid-bedrooms OR a larger room for the twins.

    - The kids' bathrooms are bad. You'll essentially have to sit on the toilet to get into the tub -- a three-piece straight line layout is a standard for a reason. Note, too that the kids have NO storage in the bathroom ... no space for towels, extra toiletries, a hamper, even towels. I'd rather have ONE good bathroom for the three kids to share

    - Your bathroom vanity doesn't have space to support two sinks. Like the kids' bathroom, you have NO storage in the bathroom and NO drawer storage at the sink.

    - With the walls as laid out now, the bed MUST be placed on one specific wall. So imagine walking in the bedroom door ... you're walking into the side of the bed /must close the door to walk around it. This is not a nicely laid out room. If you give up the back balcony you'd be able to place the bed on the back wall, and it would work better.

    - Note that the central hallway is almost as large as one of the children's rooms. So much space devoted to the large switchback stair and this hallway ... so little space for the children.

    Your master is next to the twins room so the twins will hear whatever is going on in your bedroom.

    I think the plan includes a long reach-in closet between the two rooms.

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  • avrilat

    Thank you guys for your comments.

    Well, You guys said out loud what i was thinking. Yes i was working with an architect who actually finished the job few months ago after so many changes. But i kept thinking trying to find a solution because i realise i don't like it that much.

    Basically because i wanted this specific layout of master bedroom with its own balcony facing bath and closet (large closet instead of deep) ( in front of the house facing South ( 500 m from sea )), the architect said it is the only layout i could have. I wanted our room facing that south as well as the kids because there is a lot of air from there and also we can have a look on the front of the house for security reason; i don't even know if that make sense. We are planning to live there from NEW YORK so i am very stressed about security and all.

    I would have liked one big room for the kids; 4 years old and twins or even 2 bedrooms with jack and jill bathroom.

    The large balcony at the back has view on the pool. But also i think the position of the stairs makes it very difficult to have it any other way.

    What to do? We have a living room downstairs already maybe there is no need for a family room upstairs i don't know we don't have almost no visitors.

    Plot is small so it is hard to work around it properly.

  • avrilat

    What would a convenient width of the staircase should be ? Because right now this one is more than 4'.

  • Kitty Rocha

    you might hear naughty time through that wall and her husband may not be drunk or pass out maybe he doesn't drink

  • emilyam819

    I don’t understand your desire to face the dressing room and face the bathroom but not see it. But I understand the ocean view.

    What if you made the twins’ room where the family room is drawn? Then make a hall bath out of part of the dressing room. Remove bathroom from other kid room. Rearrange master suite. Maybe family room where twins room is now drawn.

  • Mrs Pete

    the architect said it is the only layout i could have

    The house doesn't exist yet, right? This is not a renovation?

    Well, then, you can have this master bedroom layout AND whatever else you want in the layout. Even on a small lot, you're not locked into any of this.

    I wanted our room
    facing that south as well as the kids because there is a lot of air
    from there

    A lot of air from there? Huh?

  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    I did the drawings for a teacher's college in Bamako in the early 70's where the structure was poured concrete walls and floors and natural ventilation was critical. Sound was not a problem but shaded openings and balconies were important.

  • avrilat

    The house doesn't exist yet.
    well i wanted south facing because of the wind. There is a lot of wind and also south facing means I could have a look on the entrance door.

    I wanted that layout because I don't want to go through the dressing to get to the bathroom or vice versa like the previous picture I posted.

  • Mrs Pete

    The house doesn't exist yet.
    well i
    wanted south facing because of the wind. There is a lot of wind and also
    south facing means I could have a look on the entrance door.

    I wanted that layout because I don't want to go through the dressing
    to get to the bathroom or vice versa like the previous picture I posted.

    You can have ALL those things -- they're all good choices -- AND you can still have a better layout for the kids' rooms. Your architect is just plain wrong to say this is the only layout that'll work.

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  • drdeb1234

    Is the Family Room the only one in the house? Or do you have some sort of family room attached to the kitchen or great room downstairs? In which case this would be more of a kids’ Playroom?

    Because if that’s the case you could borrow space from the family room to make adjustments elsewhere.

  • emilyam819

    Just guessing on dimensions... Seems like lots of space if you give up the obscene dressing room in favor of a normal sized one and have the kids share a larger bathroom:

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  • emilyam819

    Sorry, I tried to post a pic of the idea I described above, and it's not working...

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  • chiflipper

    "architect"? This person doesn't have basic skills. Suggest you look at the myriad of "house plans" sites. Find something you like, buy the plan.

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  • nauna

    Losing money on foregoing these plans is far better than building a home with a very poor layout. Getting in a hurry on this will be an unfortunate decision. Have you seen the "architects" credentials?

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  • avrilat

    emilyam819 Too bad I wish i could see it. I wish now to find a good soul to hand draw something anything.

    Yes there is living great downstairs

  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    When jpg files won’t post they are usually to large. Reduce the resolution to 72 and/or the dimensions to 8x10

  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    It’s important to hire someone who understands the way buildings are built in West Africa even if that means hiring one from there and one from here. Contractors generally design the concrete structure and poured concrete systems have local or regional restrictions and limitations.

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