Secret Santa 12th Annual WISH LIST thread only !

November 11, 2019

This thread is ONLY for WISH LISTS !!! NO socializing or questions PLEASE !

This will make it Easier for everyone to go thru all the wish lists :)



PLEASE send your mailing address to me ASAP ! WITH your screen name Like this... ( DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON THE FORUM !!)


Santa Claus

100 Snow Lane

North Pole 00000

ALSO, please let me know if you are a NEWBIE. Newbie for this swap is defined as someone with NO SEEDS to share.

Comments (43)

  • jas_il

    My wish list:

    1. Pepper ornamental/edible

    2. Swiss Chard

    3. Begonia bossa nova, bloliviensis, trailing any

    4. Petunia any commercial would be great.

    5. Impatience

    6. Alyssum pastel colors or cascading

    7. Peony poppy pink white

    8. coleus any

    9. Dianthus

    10. Marigold pompom style any white/yellow/orange

    11. Coral Bells/Heucheras

    12. Hollyhocks

    13. Disco belle pink/white bicolor hibiscus

    14. Cypress Vine pink, White, red

    15. Plant with colorful leaves

    16. creeping phlox

    17. Lettuce any

    18. Basil any

    19. Any bulbs - caladium, tulip, frizzle sizzle, shamrock crazy plum or oriental lily

    20. coral bead plant - nertera granadensis

    21. Succulents any

    22. japanese forest grass (Hakonechloa)

    23. zinnia

    24. Egyptian Papyrus (not umbrella palm)

    25. carnivorous plant seeds

    26. Terrarium moss any

    27. Sempervivum, cactus

    28. Red japanese maple lace leaf

    Thank you

  • poisondartfrog

    My list:

    1. Lantana

    2. Asparagus ferns, any

    3. Nemesia, orange or blue

    4. Monarda didyma, any not pink

    5. Soleirolia soleirolii, Baby Tears

    6. Giant Tomatoes

    7. Begonias, especially baby wing, doubles, tuberous

    8. Impatiens balsamina, double flowering

    9. Houseplants, especially blooming ones

    10. Columnea gloriosa, Goldfish Plant

    11. Acalypha, any

    12. Clerodendrum, any

    13. Cannas, any non-red

    14. Lime Basil

    15. Banana Mint, others. (have orange, strawberry and chocolate already)

    16. Salvia elegans, Pineapple Sage

    17. Hot red, peach, orange, white or blue/purple flowering or foliaged annuals, tropicals, houseplants or perennials.

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  • heavenlyfarm

    My list:

    1. Scabiosa

    2. Peaches N Dreams Hollyhock

    3. Snapdragons

    4. Oriental Poppy Varieties

    5. Lupine Varieties

    6. Peony

    7. Culinary Sage

    8. Scented Geranium

    9. Meadow Rue

    10. Jacob Cline Bee Balm

    11. Yellow Butterfly Bush

    1. Globe Thistle

    2. White Jupiter's Beard (Centranthus)

    3. Zulu Warrior

    15. Creeping Phlox

    16. Astilbe

    17. Canterbury Bells Cup & Saucer/Triple Blooms

    18. Carnations

    1. White Marigolds

    20. Lewisia

    21. Perennial Phlox

    22. Black & Blue Salvia

    23. Veronicas

    24. Tudor Zinnia

    25. Fragrant Sweet Peas

    26. Azaleas

    1. Any flower with 'Anna' in the name

    28. Bluebells

    29. Black Adder Agastache

    1. Passiflora

    Thanks everyone and happy holidays! :)


  • Ladyreneer

    I'd LOVE ❤:

    1. Heuchera/Coral Bells

    2. Echinacea (have Common Purpurea)

    3. Lantana (2 toned)

    4. Walker's Low Nepeta

    5. Plumeria

    6. Hydrangeas ANY like Limelight, Strawberry/Vanilla, repeat blooming, etc. (have Nikko)

    7. Dianthus/Carnations

    8. Perennial Geraniums

    9. Peonies

    10. Lupines

    11. Salvias or Veronicas ANY!!! (esp pink)

    12. Clematis Varieties

    13. Clary Sage (Euphoria, ANY)

    14. Rudbeckia (Have Goldsturm)

    15. Lavenders (Lady, Grosso, Provence, Hidcote, Munstead, Pink With Love, etc)

    16. Bee Balm Any (bright colors & love dwarf)

    17. Perennial Phlox (Also Nicky & Jolt)

    18. ANY FUN flower or veggies for my 5 year old granddaughter to plant!!!

    19. Hostas (or small rooted cuttings)

    20. Houseplants (have Pothos)

    21. Assorted Mints (have Spearmint)

    22. Any bulbs or bulbils

    23. Butterfly Bush

    24. Any Sedums (Have Autumn Joy)

    25. ANY flower that you love that are purple, bubblegum pink or bright pink, true red, bright yellow or white.

    26. Any Bulbs

    27. Berry Bushes (rooted cuttings) Boysenberry, Raspberry, Royal Purple Raspberry, Blueberry

    28. Houseplants - cuttings/rooted

    29. ANY CUTTINGS that you have that are extras.

    *Thanks for looking! Have a fabulous day, Happy Thanksgiving & a Merry Christmas!!!

    Garden Hugs,

    ❤ Renée ❤

  • mcc371

    My wishes...

    Micro Tom Tomato

    Pineapple tomato

    Pork chop tomato

    any type tomatoes

    Lemon squash

    Any type of squash

    Strawberry corn

    Any type of corn

    walking onion

    Greasy Grits Beans

    Butter crunch lettuce

    Any type of lettuce

    Watermelon radish

    Purple plum radish

    Any type of radish

    Any edible type of beans

    Scarlet goji berry

    Mexican sour gherkin cucumber


    Any types of Herbs

    carnivorous plant



    Black Dianthus


    coconut geraniums



    Bronze Chrysanthemum

    Bearded and Dutch Iris

    Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree

    Grand Nain 'Naine' Banana Tree

    I am not picky, I love to grow lots of different things. I do alot of canning during the fall months and make spices with herbs.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Many Blessings for the New Year.


  • jq_sen39

    Wishing everyone wonderful holiday season and happy planting.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Wish list:

    1. lupine perennial

    2. Plumeria

    3. Peony poppy

    4. Snapdragon

    5. Hellebore Lenten Rose

    6. Philodendron cutting (any please)

    7. Climbing hydrangea

    8. Paw paw seeds

    9. Any banana seeds


    11.Any basil

    12.Any hot pepper

    13.Hollyhock - any color

    14.Scented Geranium

    15.Any edible herbs

    16.Trumpet flowers


    18.Any tropical hibiscus

    19.Butterfly Pea seeds


    21.Any black flowering seeds

    22.Bleeding heart

    23.Clematis any



    26.Morning glory


  • dancingbunnyfoofoo

    For starters, I would love to surprise my mom with:

    1. Christmas Basil

    2. Spicy Bush Basil

    3. Ararat Basil

    4. Blue Basil

    5. Red Basil

    6. Purple Ruffles Basil

    7. Thai Basil

    8. Pole Beans

    9. Beets - Red & Gold

    10. Purple Plumeria

    11. Sedums such as Autumn Joy, Autumn Fire, Sedum Brilliant, etc

    For Me - I have a 1/4 acre back yard and I'm trying to expand my butterfly & hummingbird garden. I am also trying to attract Ladybugs and birds.

    12. Blue Witches Hat (Pycnostachys urticifolia) (aka Hedgehog Sage)

    13. Double Blue Pea Vine (Clitoria ternatea)

    14. Double Day Lily

    15. Double Tiger Lily

    16. Holmskioldia (aka Chinese hat plant, cup-and-saucer-plant, mandarin's hat)

    17. Obedient Plant (Physostegia Virginiana)

    18. Standing Cypress (Ipomopsis Rubra)

    19. Veined Leaf Chinese Violet

    20. Red Rocket (Russelia sarmentosa)

    21. Buckwheat

    22. Variegated plants such as Nasturtiums or 4 o'clocks

    23. Toad Lily

    24. Pavonia bahamensis

    25. Herbs such as Red Clover, Dill, Parsley, Fennel, St John's Wort, etc.

    26. Zinnias such as Zowie Yellow Flame, Zinderella, Chippendale Daisy, Creeping zinnia

    27. Anything that attracts Butterflies

    28. Anything that attracts Hummingbirds

    29. Anything that attracts Ladybugs

    30. Anything that attracts Birds

  • BenLovesBeets (Zone 7b)

    My Wish List:

    1. Arugula/microgreens for salad (grow in pots well)

    2. Unique squash and gourds (the better to be eaten my dear)

    3. Vegetables that do well in containers/drought/heat resistant

    4. Flowers good for pollinators that do well in pots

    5. Herbs/Flowers that are good for tea or medicinal purposes (specifically in skin salves for eczema) -


    NOTE: allergic to lavender and rosemary, nothing toxic to kids or animals please (ie nightshade etc)!

  • smitties

    Wish list:

    lime basil

    Emily basil

    orange thyme

    lime thyme

    chocolate cosmos

    anything chocolate

    pumpkin on a stick

    snake gourd

    basket gourd

    bushel gourd

    canteen gourd

    tennessee spinner gourd

    any black flower

    ornamental cabbage

    ornamental kale

    bronze fennel


    bee balm - purple or pink

    thank you and enjoy the coming holidays.

  • SusieQsie_Fla

    I’m wishing for:









    Geraniums pelargoniums

    Herbs for butterflies














    Anything fragrant

    Anything for pollinators

    Anything purple or blue

  • audrey_gw

    My wishes:

    Abutilon, double and striped



    Buddleia, yellow and bicolor


    Calendula, types with brown markings such as ‘Coffee Cream’ and ‘Sunset Buff’

    Chrysanthemum, genuinely hardy to zone 5

    Corydalis, fresh seed

    Cosmos, semi double and double



    Delphinium, chocolate, green, or double-flowered

    Geranium (hardy), double or bicolor blooms

    Helianthus (sunflower), double, semi double, black, or ruffled, fresh seed

    Impatiens, species types with blue or bicolor flowers


    Jasminum (Jasmines)

    Lisianthus AKA Eustoma


    Osteospermum, unusual colors or whirls such as Whirligig

    Pansy, large or ruffled, fresh seed

    Papaver paeoniflorum

    Petunia, Spellbound series

    Primula (primrose)

    Rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), double or unusually colored, fresh seed

    Sinningia (gloxinia) and other gesneriads

    Solanum, decorative types



    Other unusual perennials, annuals, or tropicals (I like surprises!)

  • roper2008

    Wish List

    Dwarf french marigolds

    Pincushion flower(Scabiosa)





    Rudbeckia Irish Eyes

    Malva Zebrina


    Globe Amaranth






    Flowers bee's love/hummingbirds love

  • nan6b

    My wish list:

    1. Ageratum, Hardy aka Blue Mistflower aka Blue Boneset (onoclinium or Eupatorium coelestinum)

    2. Basil, Lemon and/or Lime

    3. Bee Balm, lemon/horse mint (Monarda citriodora)

    4. Bee balm, scarlet (Monarda "Jacob Cline" or similar)

    5. Black-Eyed Susan, with quilled petals 'Henry Eilers' or 'Little Henry' (Rudbeckia subtomentosa 'Henry Eilers' or 'Little Henry')

    6. Creeping Jenny, Gold (Lysimachia nummularia "aurea")

    7. Gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa, Ribes grossularia)

    8. Greens, NOT arugula, but any other cold-weather spring greens that won't bolt early.

    9. Hibiscus, Red or strong Pink (Hibiscus moscheutos) NOT Rose-of-Sharon

    10. Hummingbird mint (Agastache aurantiaca, rupestris, etc.)

    11. Jerusalem sage, Italian (Phlomis italica)

    12. Jerusalem Sage, Purple (Phlomis purpurea)

    13. Jerusalem Sage, Tuberous (Phlomoides Tuberosa)

    14. Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis-idaea)

    15. Milkweed, Aquatic (Asclepias perennis)

    16. Milkweed, Clasping (Asclepias amplexicaulis)

    17. Milkweed, Green Antelope Horn(Asclepias viridis)

    18. Milkweed, Pallid (Asclepias cryptoceras)

    19. Milkweed, Poke (Asclepias exaltata)

    20. Milkweed, Purple (Asclepias purpurascens)

    21. Milkweed, Showy (Asclepias speciosa)

    22. Milkweed, swamp, white only (Asclepias incarnata).

    23. Milkweed, White (Asclepias variegata)

    24. New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus)

    25. Oregano, Ornamental (Origanum laevigatum 'Herrenhausen' or equivalent)

    26. Passion Flower aka Maypop (Passiflora incarnata)

    27. Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium)

    28. Snapdragon, perennial (Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii)

    29. Thyme, lemon (Thymus citriodorus)

  • yotetrapper

    Named Hollyhocks (Such as: Peaches and Dreams, Apple Blossom, Creme de Cassis, Icicle, etc.)

    Zinnia: Any, especially creeping zinnia

    Black Eyed Susan VINE- white or Yellow

    Fragrant Sweet Peas (the flower)

    Scented Geraniums

    Coleus - Any, but would love named varieties.

    Cosmos- Double Click series, especially double click snow puff

    Maximilian Sunflower

    Any milkweed (I have silky gold) (especially redring!!!!)

    Mammoth dill



    Dog's Tooth violets

    Blood Root

    Any flower that can grow in the deep south without supplemental water. (If you send this, please mark it as such.... Deep south gardening is throwing me for a loop LOL)

    Evening scented stock

    White lavender

    Cornflower: 'Classic Romantic' 'Frosted Queen'

    Nigella damascena 'Moody Blues'

    Maximilian Sunflower

    Cosmos- Double Click series, especially double click snow puff

    Old Time Tennessee melon

    Rainbow mix carrots

    Large red tomatoes (looking for good old fashioned flavor)

    Cherokee purple tomato

    Lima bean - White Christmas

    Cayenne Peppers (red ones that are productive, I want to make homemade hot sauce)

    I don't know, surprise me, lol. I like normal veggies: tomatoes, peppers, corn, peas, beans, etc. Any flowers to attract butterflies. And any perennials that can survive southern heat without watering.

  • pinkiris

    wish list ...

    anything that blooms in the colors red, white, or pink, or neon colors

    anything variegated

    anything miniature/dwarf

    anything heat/drought tolerant

    anything with dark flowers and/or foliage

    anything tropical and/or SUB tropical

    dwarf project tomatoes

    sunflowers ...dwarfs, reds, darks, unusual

    hot peppers ... the hotter the better!



    lavender - reds, whites, pinks, blues

    any lilys


    unusual colors or warty pumpkins/squash - winter or summer

    forget me not - looking for pink









    Japanese Morning Glory




    your favorite flower, veggie or herb

  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio


    Amana Orange tomato

    Your favorite red tomato

    Cucumber-your favorite

    zuchinni-Your favorite




    Butterfly Bush

    Echinacea-have purple





    Salvia Oueen

    Calendula-Snow Princes-Dark or spikey ones

    Zinna-esp.Queen or zinderella series


    Candy Lily

    Cacti Mix


    Anterrhinum (Snapdragon)

    Rudbeckia-dark flowered petals

    Periwinkle or vinca minor



    Anything on my Hozz page

    Hibiscus-named-have luna pink and white and disco belle

    Happy holidays to everyone and to flwrsforever for hosting

  • jlhart76

    Tomato (any but looking for dwarf varieties in particular)

    Peppers (any)





    Basils (any)

    Mints (any)

    Cosmos (other than yellow or orange)



    Ferns, croton, or other houseplants

    Thanks for organizing this again this year!

  • bxncbx

    Here's my wishlist:

    Alpine plants

    Houseplants that flower

    Non-invasive vines that flower (especially in dark orange or rusty red)

    Rock garden plants 12" or shorter



    Dwarf flowers

    Violets (please no Johnny Jump-Ups as I finally have some established)

    Short filler plants like alyssum and virginia stock

    Trailing plants good for hanging baskets

    Brown flowers under 24 inches (the entire flower doesn't have to be brown but can just have brown spots/speckles/stripes etc.)



    Organic broccoli

    Organic kale

    Organic tomatoes

    Organic carrots

    Organic lettuce

    Organic spinach

    Organic celery

    Organic bok choy or chinese cabbage


    Thanks everyone! Hope everyone has a great growing season in 2020!

  • beth_b_kodiak

    flowers, any hollyhocks, sunflowers or poppies

    LeafyVeggies for cool weather like spinach, chard, cabbage, collards oriental greens, etc

    Herbs most any except parsley and dill. I have a ton of those

  • Susan Nieves

    Thanks for hosting this. Wishing everyone happy holidays. Here is my Secret Santa Wish List:

    1) Dahlia - Any, would especially like 'Sunny Reggae' or pompon types

    2) Echinacea - have common purple, would love Cherokee Spirit

    3) Marigolds - any except french yellow and Sparky's mix, would like white ones

    4) Cosmos - Any, really like Seashells Mix and any double

    5) Naturtium, Calendula, other edible flowers

    6) Anything good for making teas

    7) Culinary or medicinal herbs - marjoram, tarragon, parsley, etc

    8) Japanese Morning Glories

    9) Fragrant plants

    10) Any easy to germinate unusual to plant with my grandkids

    11) Zinnia, Whilrligig, Circus Act, creeping, any bi-color or unusual

    12) Sunset hibiscus (Abelmoschus manihot)

    13) Poppies, peony type

    14) Sedum, small groundcover type

    15) Old-fashioned cottage type

    16) Hellebores

    17) Snapdragons

    18) Heirloom tomatoes - have cherokee purple

    19) Dwarf tomatoes

    20) Anything that attracts hummingbirds, butterflies etc

    21) Anything with "Susan" or "Angel" in the name

    22) Any bulbs

    23) Your favorite herb or flower that you grow

    Thanks for sharing! I wish you all a very blessed and happy holiday season!

  • l1oness

    1. Lisianthus

    2. Dahlias

    3. Carnations (all, especially Chabaud series)

    4. Cosmos

    5. Sunflowers

    6. Snapdragons

    7. Zinnias (all, especially zinderella series)

    8. Calendula

    9. Sweet Peas

    10. Coneflowers

    11. Petunias for hanging baskets

    12. Lettuce/Salad Greens

    13. Summer squash

    14. Peppers

    15. Pole beans

    16. Melons

    17. Basil

    18. Dwarf tomato varieties

    19. Your favorite flower for bouquets

    20. Your favorite tasting herb or vegetable

    This is my favorite swap of the year - thank you to all who participate!

  • saphena


    Bee Balm, dwarf variety preferred

    Blackberry (Bushel&Berry for container and shade)

    Blue Vervain




    Elderberry (can I grow in container?)

    Evening primrose

    Johnny jump ups

    Lavender, variegated variety

    Leafy salad greens

    Lemon mint

    Lemon balm

    Moon flower (nighttime morning glory)




    Oat grass (for Kitty)

    Oregano -- golden or variegated


    Peppermint --or varieties of mint




    St John's Wart

    Swiss Chard, love rainbow

    Tulsi, Holy basil



  • patrob

    Ageratum, such as Cloud Nine, Goldrush, Pink Puffs, Red Flint

    Alternanthera, such as Purple Knight or Purple Prince

    Bok Choy: Purple Lady


    Catmint (Nepeta)

    China Asters


    Echium amoenum, such as Red Feathers

    Hollyhock, such as Halo, Las Vegas, Queeny, Spring Celebrities

    Lisanthus (Eustoma)

    Milkweed (Asclepias): Narrowleaf (A.fasicularis), Tall Green (A. hirtella), or Purple (A. purpurascens)

    Palm Springs Daisy (Anthemis). such as Criss Cross

    Salvia: Blue Oak Sage (S. chamaedryoides), Augusta Duelberg, S. holwayi, S.koyamae, Big Red Sage (S. penstemlnoides), or Pine Mountain Sage (S. semiatrata)

    Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum): White Knight

    Snapdragon, such as Midnight, Opus, Overture, Snaptastic

    Spanish Bellflower (Campanula primufolia)

    Sunflakes/Sun Cups/Sun Drops (Cammisonia bistorta)

    Thyme, such as Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Silver

    Annual flowers for hot, sunny spots

    Lettuce and other leafy greens that are slow to bolt (I have lots of arugula already)

  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland

    My Wish List ;-)

    1. Any Zinnia

    2.Any milkweed

    3.Any red or dark beefsteak tomato

    4.Any red or dark cherry tomato

    5. Your favorite watermelon or cantaloupe

    6.Black eyed Susans

    7.Any perennial

    8.Black susan vine


    10.Any flower that is dwarf or compact and short

    11.Any basil

    12.Paw Paw

    13.Winter squash

    14.Anything red or purple

    15. An heirloom from your garden ;-)

    16.Shorter varieties of sunflowers



    19.aquatic plant seeds


    21.Terhune tomato


    23.Sweet peppers, esp bell and frying types

    24.Daisies, esp Shasta

    25.swiss chard

    26.A white radish

    27.Canterbury bells


    29.Your favorite flower

    30.Surprise me !

  • val (MA z6)

    My Wish List is somewhat specific, but I'm thankful for anything you would like to share that you love or from the list below:

    --Asters: Needle or Seastar varieties, China Aster 'Starlight Light Pink'

    --Basketflower- white

    --Siberian bellflowers

    --Bird's Eyes 'Felicitas'


    --Calendula: Cataloupe, Orange Button, Lemon Cream, Sunset Buff, Oopsy Daisy, Orange King, Dawn Apricot and/or any of the “needle” or “double” types

    --Catmint/Nepata, esp’lly Walkers Low or Grandview

    -- Centaurea montana 'Alba' - white perennial cornflower

    --Coneflower Double Decker, Primadonna White, Primadonna Deep Rose

    --Cosmos: Cosmic Red, Cranberries, Cupcake (any but white), Double Click, Rose BonBon

    --Four O Clock Limelight, Orange Crush

    -- Gaillardia/ Blanket Flower: 'Red Plume', Amber Wheels

    --Heliopsis 'Burning Hearts'

    --Hibiscus 'Mahogany Splendor'

    --Penstemon Twizzle Coral

    --Phlox (annual) 'Leopoldii', ‘Sugar Stars’

    --Poppies including Fruit Punch, Pizzicato, Haremstraum, Cherry Glow Breadseed, Giant Double Peony Candy Floss or Mix, Drama Queen, Coral Reef, “They Giant”, Violetta Blush, Feathered Mix

    --Rudbeckia Varieties with full/double blooms: ie Ruby Ruby, Moroccan Sun, Cherokee Sunset

    -- Salvia Windwalker Royal Red

    --Torenia/Wishbone Flower

    --Veronica Aztec Gold


    --Swiss Chard, especially Bright Lights, 5 color Silverbeet, Oriole Orange

    --Dwarf Tomatoes including Tiny Tim


    Happy Holidays!

  • tormato

    My wish list:

    Vaccinium exul

  • Theresa Warner

    My wish list

    Bottle gourd

    Nicotiana (flowering tobacco)

    Iron weed

    Partridge pea

    Evening Primrose



    Giant hyssop



    Giant Tue

    Anise Hyssop

    Pipevine Dutchman

    Golden Alexander

    Jewel Weed

    Candlestick Cassia

    Golden Rod

    Globe Thistle

    Blanket Flower


    false sunflower

    monkey flower

    compass plant

    mist flower

    wood mint

    cup plant

    Indian plantain

    I hope everyone has wonder holidays and makes amazing memories with their friends and family

  • faerygardener z7 CA

    My Wishes

    1. Holiday Cards!!! A-ok if there’s no seed in them as I have more than enough to plant this year. But, I do enjoy this swap and sharing my extras with you.

    I love and can always work these into a spot in the garden:

    2. Alyssum –white or purple, please no yellow or pink

    3. Flax – red or blue

    4. Violas - any

    5. California Poppies, Eschscholzia californica (please no Somniferum/Opium/Breadbox poppies)

    6. Linaria

    7. Schizanthus

    Been Meaning to plant:

    8. Eriogonum grande rubescens "Red Buckwheat" (please, only the red, I wouldn’t plant the others).

    Thank you! May everyone’s holidays overflow with peace and joy this season.

  • cghpnd

    With the new house in Florida and job, I certainly need to take a break to get this list together! I dont have 2 acres anymore, but i will make this new landscape something to talk about :)

    1. Spicebush


    3.Heat Tolerant Artichoke

    4.Begonia - Santa Cruz Sunset or similar

    5. Corkscrew Vine

    6. Calendula - Neon

    7. Papaver somniferum - Danish Flag - or similar

    8. Irish Moss

    9. Goldenrod – Little Lemon

    10. Indian Paint brush

    11. Phlox ( Moody blues)- Creeping Phlox, , Midnight Candy,Coral Reef

    12. Pulmonaria - lungwort

    13. Penstemon - any

    14. Pineapple Sage

    15. Sunflower – Claret, Gypsy Charmer, Jolly Joker

    16. Spiranthus cernua –Nodding ladys Tresses

    17. Crocus sativus

    18. Willow ( Salixspecies)

    19. Mitragyna speciosa (Fresh seed pods or cuttings)

    20. plants that can handle the heat and high humidity, but still look pretty J

    21. 4’ O Clocks – any that are red, Fairy Trumpets

    22. Datura metel – Violet Queen, Purple Horn of many, Black Currant Swirl

    23. Salvia – Clary Sage Piedmont, Texas Sage Hummingbird Forest Fire, Black and Blue, Amistad, Wendys Wish

    24. Zinnia- Cactus- Purple- Pop Art- Envy, State Fair, Scabiosa, Benarys Giant mix, Candy Stripe, Aztec Bicolor, Inca, Cupcake Series, Peppermint Stick, Whirlygig mix, Jazzy Mix, Queeny Red Lime,

    25. Agastache - Summer Breeze, Apache Sunset, Blue Boa, Heather Queen Hummingbird mint, Navajo Sunset

    26. Aster - Purple dome,Rice button, Stokes, Pale Pink Dwarf Milady Asters,Giant Perfection mix

    27. Amorpha canescens –leadplant

    28. Trailing plants, Snapdragons, Petunias

    29. Lily - Blood, Butterfly, Voodoo, Spider

    30. Asclepias sp. : Aasperula –Antelope Horn milkweed, amplexicaulis – Clasping Milkweed, Cordifolia –Heartleaf Milkweed, Humistrata –Sandhill Milkweed, purpurascens –Purple Milkweed, Rubra – Red Milkweed, Sullivanti - Prairie milkweed, Variegata –Redring Milkweed

  • lexiegurl09

    I'm pretty easy :)

    1. Tomatoes

    2. Peppers (sweet or mild)

    3. Melons

    4. Beans (snap, green, lima, any really)

    5. Broccoli

    6. Greens (collards, cabbage, kale, etc)

    7. Lettuce

    8. Radish

    9. Beets

    10. Turnips

    11. Eggplant

    12. Celery

    13. Brussel Sprouts

    14. Carrots

    15. Cucumbers

    16. Onions

    17. Surprises! I do mostly vegetable gardening, but may have some space for flowers that don't take up much space, but I haven't researched into any specific kind. I would enjoy anything really!!

  • primrose1x3

    my wish list:

    me too: Holiday Cards! I'm with FaeryGardener - have enough seeds. However, if you must, plants from my woodchuck-resistant list would be welcome - https://garden.org/blogs/view/Bluespiral - especially summer annuals and plants that cover the ground, shimmer in moonlight and gross out woodchucks' noses.

    Achillea sp. - non-floppy

    Ageratum houstonianum - tall, mixed

    Antirrhinum 'Black Prince' - any


    Astilbe sp.

    Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Plumbago)

    Delphinium regalis mixed or white

    Daisies - maybe "masking" them among grasses might give them greater longetivity

    Dianthus sp. - fragrant like D. arenarius or long-blooming like hybrids involving D. barbatus, D. chinensis, D. superbus, etc.

    Digitalis parviflora -pale, nearly white form or any with chocolate or coffee tones approaching white

    Foeniculum vulgare (Bronze Fennel) - fresh seed

    Gaillardia pulchella 'Sundance' - plus others

    Grasses - low, mid-height, not too monstrous - colorful autumn/winter tones

    Iris chrysographes (black, low) - any low to mid heights

    Nicotiana - shorties & taller fragrant airy ones

    Pelargonium citrosum (Citronella) - any scented geranium

    - - - - - - - -

    (jasmines - various

    Cestrum nocturnum

    Cerodendrum ugandense (Blue Butterfly)

    Thank you - am glad to see this swap return

  • dirtdaddy

    Dirt Daddys WISH LIST!


    giant marigolds

    Mexican fleabane






    cherry tomatoes

    hot peppers!


  • fommy15

    While I have a list below, I really love to get the favorite seeds from my seed community friends. Send me what you love to grow? I would love to try them!


    Broccoli ( variety with large head)


    Assorted Mints

    Huge Pumpkins/fun ghords


    short season corn

    Onions (long storage life or giant onions)

    amarylla tomatillo





    short season peanut





    Violas, Johnny Jump Ups






    Any Sedums

    *send me your favorite vegetable/flower? I love surprises. I try and throw a few extra in all my cards.

  • upcountrygirl upcountrygirl

    My wish list:

    1. Whatever you would like to give me. It's the thought that counts the most

    2. Your favorite variety whatever that may be. Please tell me why.

    3. Anything perennial.

    4. Any vegetable, fruit, or herb. If you have a favorite recipe and would like to share i would love to have it!

    5. Anything that attracts bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, native pollinators, and beneficial insects.

    6. Any landrace variety.

    7. Any Asian vegetable.

    8. Any variety of Appalachian historical reference.

    9. Tahitian Serpent Melon Squash.

    10. Any squash, melon, or watermelon.

    11. Oyster leaf.

    12. Any vegetable variety high in anthocyanins.

    13. Any Alpine strawberry variety.

    14. Any rare Asparagus variety.

    15. Chinese Python Snake bean.

    16. Celery root.

    17. Any onion variety.

    18. Any pepper variety from Numex, Refining Fire Chiles, or White Hot Chile peppers.

    19. Nadapeno pepper.

    20. Any Rutabaga variety.

    21. Butternut Orange Squash.

    22. Any winter hardy vegetable variety.

    23. Any Turnip variety.

    24. Any tomato from Wild Boar farms.

    25. Any French variety of vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower.

    26. Any Italian variety of vegetable, fruit, herb or flower.

    27. Naranjilla.

    28. Any vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower native to South America.

    29. Pepino melon.

    30. Hardy Jasmine.

  • Dan Coates

    Dan's Tennessee Wish List!

    We're moving to Tennessee either late Spring or early Summer, and I have no idea what will be in the ground of the new house we haven't found yet...lol! I have a small wish list, but I'll be happy to receive anything, especially a card! As for seeds, if they're unfamiliar to me or Tennessee, it's always fun to experiment, right!

    My list:






    (I planted a mix of all these last summer, and it was stunning and full of surprises!)

    Perennials - Any

    Trees and Shrubs - Any

    Winged Pigweed

    Coleus - Any

    Surprise me with your favorite seed, of whatever type.

    Please, NO grasses. I love them, but I'm not sure what might be invasive in Tennessee, and I'd rather not tick off the new neighbors...lol!

    That's about it.

  • canyonwind

    Nothing like waiting until the last minute to post my wish list. I am thankful for whatever comes my way even if it be simply a card.

    1. reseeders

    2. drought/heat tolerant

    3. Geranium

    4. Agastache

    5. Snapdragons

    6.Gaillardia, would love newer varieties

    7. Rudebeckia, would love newer varieties

    8. Swiss Chard

    9. Kale

    10. Jack Be Little pumpkins

    11. Baby Boo Pumpkins

    12. other small pumpkin varieties

    13.Okra Bowling Red (commercial)

    14. Burgandy Okra (commercial)

    15.Jung Orange Okra (commercial)

    16 Clemson Spine Okra (commercial)

    17. Bok Choy

    18.Butter Lettuce

    19.Carolina Reaper Pepper (comm)

    20.Chinese 5 Color Pepper(comm)

    21. Apocolypse Scorpian Hot Pepper (comm)

    22. BuenaMulata Hot Pepper (comm)

    23. Arugula

    24. if you live in the South..hot and dry...anythng you love to grow and it grows well for you (flower or veg)

    25. Zinnia....any

    Merry Christmas to all.......


  • Darlyn Hall

    Hi everybody!

    Here is my wish list for this Christmas! We recently moved to Mississippi, to be close to my daughter and her husband, so I'll have to get used to what grows best down South. We're from New York State, out near Buffalo. My new yard has a LOT of shade, so any plant that thrives in shade would be welcomed!

    1) Zinnias

    2) black-eyed Susans

    3) ferns

    4) hostas

    5) impatients

    6) begonias

    7) Moonflowers

    8) pansies

    9) petunias

    10) Morning Glories

    11) Geraniums

    12) Marigolds

    13) Chrysanthemums

    14) Brandywine tomatoes

    15) Beefsteak tomatoes

    16) Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes

    17) Cucumbers, (Straight 8's)

    18) Pickling cukes

    19) Lady Bell green peppers

    20) Jalapeno peppers

    21) Habernero peppers

    22) Sweet Corn, cream and sugar variety

    23) Indian Corn

    25) Watermelons, long, oval type

    26) Gourds

    27) Muskmelons

    28) Ornamental mini pumpkins

    29) Jack O' Lantern pumpkins

    30) Parsley

    Thanks everyone! Let the Christmas season begin!!

  • Kg Tg Zone 6b IL

    Hello! My wish list.

    1. Any family heirloom tomato.

    2. Any Southern heirloom tomato

    3. Any Appalachian heirloom tomato

    4. Aunt Ginny’s Purple Tomato.

    5. Cherry tomato

    6. Pink slicer tomato

    7. Red slicer tomato

    8. Yellow or Orange slicer tomato.

    9. Joe Lauers German egg tomato.

    10. Pole beans.

    11. Any rarer varieties of peppers hot or sweet.

    12. Zucchini

    13. Summer squash

    14. Patty pan squash

    15. Eggplant

    16. Pickling cucumber or gherkins

    17. Zinnias

    18. Italian peppers

    19. Any good tasting tomato

    20. Paw paw

    21. Coneflower

    22. American Chestnut tree

    23. Hot Hungarian pepper

    Any tomatoes, beans, or peppers. Anything is appreciated.

    Thank you so much. This is such a nice thing to do!

    Merry Christmas!

  • hl260

    This is such a fun idea! Thanks in advance to everyone for participating. Here is my wish list-

    -Tomatoes-your favorite!


    -Tomatoes- any that do well in containers

    -Tomatoes- any that love the heat or do well at high altitude

    -Tomatoes-Russian Spanish or French varieties

    -Tomatoes-cherries -any and all especially less popular varieties (Dikovinka,Rosalita,Sweet Baby Girl)

    -Tomatoes- any Brad Gates or Karen Olivier


    -Basically any tomatoes! (Especially looking for MarNar,cosmic eclipse ,Aunt Ginny’s Purple,Dr Carolyn white or pink,Black Magic,Black Bear,Lotos, Sakarnyi Zheltyi,Gargamel,Little Lucky,Captain Lucky,Anna Margaret’s Heart.Ludmillas pink heart)

    Peppers - any

    Summer Squash-any

    Any landrace variety


    Thyme-Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Silver

    French Tarragon

    Salvia-Hummingbird Forest Fire, Black and Blue, Amistad, Wendys Wish



  • ishareflowers {Lisa}

    I'm a little late to the party....I couldnt get on to post. I realized I can get on if I use my laptop and not my phone.

    My wish list this year.

    Hibiscus heartthrob and berry awesome

    Poppies- poppy alpinium,poppy lacinatum,somniferum and orientals.

    Rudbeckia- praire sun, cherokee sunset,cappuccino,cherry brandy and moroccan sun

    Mallows/Malvas{have zebrina and mystic merlin}



    chrysanthemum carinatium

    Carrot-oxheart or colored

    Variegated plants perennial or annual

    Japanese Morning glories


    Dark foliage or dark blooms

    rose of sharon red heart

    snapdragons- any color or height


    I'll be searching lists later this week. Thank you for looking at mine!

  • browneyedsusan_gw

    My wish list:

    1. Asclepias verticillata

    2. Bulb/corm/rhizome forming plants with pretty flowers or foliage and that are hardy in zone 8- such as

    Gladiolus (small flowered and older cultivars preferred; have communis, ‘Atomic)

    named Crocosmia cultivars (Falling stars aka aurea, Solfaterre, Little Redhead, newer hybrids, any yellow), Cypella, Japanese iris (Iris ensata; prefer double flowered), Candy Lily (aka Iris domestica aka Belamcanda and hybrids with Pardancanda) named cultivars only, such as ‘Hello Yellow’ or ‘Jungle Colors’( I have the orange, speckled species), Angel’s fishing rod (Dierama), dwarf or streaked Irises, Bulbine abyssinica

    3. Petunias, Supertunias,Calibrachoa (million bells), any

    4. Sweet peppers (any; looking for fish peppers, shishito)

    5. Agastache rupestris, cana, Arizona, hybrids

    6. Balloon flower Astra Double any color

    7. Begonia any

    8. Berlandiera lyrata (chocolate flower)

    9. Columbine (large flowered, spurred)

    10. Cuphea

    11. Dianthus (perennial)

    12. Lewisia

    13. Marigold (any)

    14. Vinca (annual only; Catharanthus rosea)

    15. Zinnias (Zahara, Profusion, Magellan, large flowered, threadleaf, or prairie zinnias (perennial in my zone (8))

    16. Melampodium paludosum or leucanthemum (aka Blackfoot Daisy)

    17. Crambe (sea kale; cordifolia or maritima)

    18. Salvias-perennial in zone 8 (such as reptans, penstemonoides, pozo blue, Caradonna)

    19. Cosmos (any short variety)

    20. Antirrhinum hispanica or braun blanquetti (perennial snapdragons)

    21. Farfugium/Ligularia aka leopard plant

    22. Heat/drought/sun or shade tolerant shrubs or perennials (z 8) with good foliage or flowers preferably distasteful to deer. Seeds for any plant sold by High Country Gardens. No ornamental grasses or purple coneflowers, please

    23. Corydalis (fresh seed)

    24. Gaura

    25. Zauschneria (California fuschia)

    26. Flowers that attract hummingbirds

    27. Scutellaria suffrutescens, or ‘Dark Violet’

    28. Delosperma any

    29. Your favorite perennial or annual



  • Melinda Hagen

    Any flowers for container


    Albutilon .

    Obedient plant


    Poppies---lauren's grapa, drama queen, any









  • brittneysgran

    Whew I'm late to the party but some wishes:




    Bleeding Heart








    Anything Variegated

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