Yellowing, wrinkling leaves

January 5, 2020

My Brandywine Sudduth plant is getting yellow splotches on the leaves and are getting a bit wrinkly. It's the top leaves while the bottom ones are normal.

I tried looking up online before coming here but the most similar looking one is Tomato Leaf Mold and it says it starts with the older bottom leaves so I'm not sure this is the problem.

It is flowering and has a couple of teeny tomatoes on it currently. I have another Brandywine Sudduth growing on a balcony in another part of town that is not having this problem.

I have a Neves Azorean Red tomato plant I posted about a couple weeks ago with curling leaves. I was advised to consider preventative fungicide so I tried a solution of baking soda/water and also a separate time sprayed a diluted solution of neem oil on the leaves. The leaves are still curled but is flowering and has a tomato already.

I dragged it away from the other plants for the meantime.

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