Bathroom final touches

January 7, 2020
last modified: January 7, 2020

Bathroom complete but how should I arrange the final touches? I have another picture like the one above the toilet. Wondering about the wall opposite the toilet. Thanks for your input.

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  • C Marlin

    Without standing in it I can't be sure but I'd leave the wall blank as I'm more of a minimalist, I don't want to see too much at one time. I'd have only one item on the toilet and remove the ribbon from the towels. I would get nice blending bottles to hold shower toiletries, maybe frosted glass. When rotating towels, I'd use lighter ones. I like light colors in a bath, they look cleaner, more user friendly. Nice bathroom.

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  • jupidupi

    Add more??? I would get rid of the clutter. Why do you need that stuff on the toilet? If you have trouble standing in the shower, then keep the stool and get rid of the excess on top of it that keeps you from using it as a stool. Otherwise it's kind of pointless and just takes up room. You already have a great niche for shampoo and towel hooks in there. Bathrooms tend to accumulate excess products as it is. Less is more.

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  • birdkkk

    Good point!

  • HU-161159613

    Pretty bathroom!

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  • suezbell

    Unless you want to paint that one short wall between the shower and the light switch wall a bright color as an accent wall, add a bit of a mural there or add a full length mirror there, you're done -- and it is a job well done. Would not add anything to it that extends into the room. 

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  • yumelizabeth

    Are the towels above the toilet absolutely necessary? If it were me I would remove the rack and stuff on top of the toilet. Leave the wall opposite the toilet blank.

  • birdkkk

    The towel bar was put there hastily by the contractor. It would

    seem odd

    to have the towel rack there with nothing on it! I did remove the stuff on the back of the toilet which looks

    better. I have brown in the bedroom so I was trying to bring that together. I think I will go for a more neutral look.

  • birdkkk

    Originally I wanted a white ceramic stool for inside the shower. Cant find ine now So II settled

    on the bench. I can change

    out the towels but I have a ton if the brown that have never been used!

  • badabing2

    frame around mirror, maybe small picture on wall opposite toilet

  • birdkkk

    badabing, I paid extra to have the mirror beveled so that will stay! It's a pretty small bathroom. I do like a clean look. thanks.

  • badabing2

    Absolutely keep the mirror & bevel, was just suggesting a highlight.

  • tangerinedoor

    Oooh....that shower looks lovely to take a shower in!

    IMO get rid of the towels/towel rack over the toilet. They're throwing off the tidy proportions of that whole wall, with the line-shape-echoes between the shower niche and the mirror. If anything I would add another identical picture (different image) where the towel rack is and align it exactly with the mirror and the bottom of the shower niche. Then move the top one a little higher.

    For towel color, maybe pick up the sage-y tone in the picture, but a little off, i.e. NOT matchy matchy. If I were wanting something with a little more POP, I'd take the sage into more of a lime direction.

    [I'm assuming the bottom of the niche and the bottom of the mirror line up.]

  • tangerinedoor

    Get a towel warmer if it'll fit.... You can hang more towels on it under the guise (and pleasure) of luxury. I've just done this in my small bathroom and it really solved the problem of having no place to put towels.

    I'm also navigating what to do with clutter on the top of the toilet, so your thread is helping me out, too.

  • Dawn Martinez

    @birdkkk, lovely's a small space, less feels like more. I would lighten the towels, remove the ribbon, and maybe the towels in the shower on the stool. Then add pretty shampoo and soap containers, neutral to your shower nook to keep in neutral; if too much work, leave it alone; your bathroom is pretty as it is, just needs decluttering.

  • birdkkk

    Tangerninedoor, I was so disappointed when contractor hung the towel bar. I wanted just 2 prints in that space, one above the other. That towel bar was pretty pricey so I just decided to leave it. ugh!

  • catlady999

    Why spend so much effort on a room but keep something that makes you say "ugh!"?

    Getting rid of the towel bar only wastes money. Keeping it robs you of enjoyment every time you see it. What is your priority, cash or happiness?

  • tangerinedoor

    My like button doesn't work—anyone know why?—but, birdkkk, I like your comment.

    I'm thinking your kitchen needs a nice expensive towel rack right about now..... or maybe your closet?

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  • drumleewest

    De-clutter, don’t have it if it isn’t useful, but what you have should be beautiful (to you) and make you happy. But no glass, frosted or otherwise in the shower!

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    i like your little wood stool in the shower. But if you wanted white, get one of those ceramic garden stools (home goods has a good price on them) I've had a white one in my shower for years. holds up nicely.

    What if you removed the towel bar and did a single shelf? glass, marble or even the wood one to match your stool.

  • IdaClaire

    I don't think the towel bar is that bad, but would remove the ribbon. The towels don't need to look gift wrapped. ;)

  • ital mover

    For now, were it me, I would probably hang one of these, and fill it with a climbing vine or bushy plant that doesn't need much light. Or if those don't fit or are too rustic I would look for some other type of hanging wall planters, maybe orbs.. But I like plants and unexpected quirky things. If you keep a towel there, I would remove what looks like a candle from the top of the toilet and replace it with a small plant.

    3-Piece Galvanized Hanging Planter Set · More Info

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    Your vanity top is very busy (I like it) so it should be the star. Keep other stuff to a bare minimum, like others have said.

    You said you have lots of brown towels - you can use them by layering very light colored towels on top of them on the towel bars. And yes, I’d remove the towel bar above the toilet. I’m surprised no one has mentioned mist rising up from the toilet during a flush . . .

  • ital mover

    or these hanging planters could be fun -- or horrifying, depending on your sensibilities!

    Weathered Galvanized Finish Wall Mounted 3 Piece Olive Bucket Planter Set · More Info

    Art Nouveau Mystic Maiden Wall Planter · More Info

    or if you want to keep it really simple and cheap (and you could thread something a bit more upscale through the grommets)

    BloemBagz 24" Rail Planter, 3-Pocket, Living Green · More Info

    Actually, for me, this last solution would be best, because it makes a creative use of the towel rack and I could do whatever I like with the grommet holes, probably find some great huge buttons to cover them, in whatever style fits or pops, or adds texture, etc -- then some thriving plants inside. If you get tired of it or want the towel rack back, you just take the whole thing outside.

  • decormyhomepls

    Not to be redundant but yes, remove that ribbon from towels. I know you have lots of brown towels, but, imho, I think beige would look much better. and am I the only one that dislikes hand towels laying on a counter?? nice Bathroom

  • Suzanne Devane

    No hand towels on counter. Just use the ones on the towel rack over the toilet. Remove towel ribbon, as it makes it look like the bathroom is not meant to be used. I would put a towel hook (or two) on the wall opposite the toilet for bath towels. No hand towels in shower -- they also look like it's a showcase and not a functioning bathroom. Could use some punch of color.

  • loobab

    I haven't read the whole read, but absolutely keep the towels over the toilet.

    When you wash your face or hands at the sink, do want to have to walk into the shower to get a towel?

    There should not be a towel rack above the toilet, because some people do not put down the toilet seat when they flush, and areosolized toilet contents do not belong on towels.

    If there is enough width for a towel rack on the wall opposite the toilet next to the shower, I would put up a towel rack there for bath towels.

    Having only two hooks in the shower is simply not enough. How dry are those towels really going to get hanging in the humid shower? How many people will be using that bathroom?

    Every body needs their own set of towels.

    Move the face magnifying mirror to the left side of the large wall mirror.

    On the right side of the large wall mirror you can put up a smaller towel rack for hand and face towels.

    You can get rid of the little saying on the toilet, and instead of a candle which no one is going to bother to light, get a reed diffuser, which in case you don't know what it is, is an attractive bottle or jar with very lightly scented oil and an open top in which there are multiple thin wooden reeds or sticks along which travel the oil and so diffuse the scent through the air.

    If you do put your makeup on in that bathroom, you might think about changing out the overhead light over the mirror and then you can get sconces for each side.

    Overhead lighting gives ghastly shadows and is just awful in which to apply cosmetics.

    You can still keep the art is you want, and do hang it vertically if you do.

    If you want more towels in the bathroom, you can mount a rack high on a wall such as the type hotels have, and they come in all sizes. This is a rather large one.

    Another natural touch which I think is great in a bathroom if you like plants and adds green which you seem to like, is to hang a sizable staghorn fern.

    You don't need to water it , when people shower in there, the humidity will take of it.

    You can have it mounted on a plaque or hang it in a basket.

  • reupser

    I like the idea of removing the towel rack from above the toilet for the reasons mentioned but also because if they are used to dry hands after using the sink you’re going to drip water on the toilet. The money is wasted wether you take it down or leave it up and hate it. Obviously taking it down will leave you with a damaged wall you’ll either have to fix or hide. My choice would be to hide it. Maybe either a shelf or more art.

    Personally I also let my bath towels dry in the shower but I don’t leave them there while showering. My solution was to use hooks to hold my hand towels which also serve to hold my bath towels when I’m using the shower.

  • Linda H

    I like the picture over the toilet. May I ask where you got it?

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