What Should I Do With These Rooms?

Christopher Stuart
5 months ago

My wife and I are at a bit of a loss. We have a 3500 sq ft house that is becoming over run with our kids stuff. We have several rooms where there is no defined space and it’s mostly a free for all —our kids just dump toys or whatever where they want.

The first image below is our so called “playroom” and it’s a beautiful room with raised ceilings and wood beams. But my kids have failed at keeping it organized despite our efforts to create organized bins.

Wife and I have debated just turning the room into a workout room since the kids don’t even really use the room all that much. They like art a lot and legos so we also have considered making it more of a defined art room, although I feel it probably is more worthy of a living area.

You can also see in our kitchen that there are just toys and stuff everywhere. It’s amazing that with such a large house that stuff just gets tossed into every room.

Then you can see our living room which I personally got more organized over the last year.

And then our piano room. I bought the piano when kids were really young hoping they might play. Unfortunately no one has really shown interest although my 5 year old daughter does occasionally and my wife wants to keep it in hopes that she wants to play. Whatever the case it’s a total mess.

Can someone help me out, giving me some direction and ideas on how to best think about organization and definition or our rooms? I’m overwhelmed!


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