Argggh! Three strikes for Rohl

2 days ago

In our old house, our reno included a Rohl Country faucet that had multiple problems, including "singing." And the downstairs bath Rohl faucet kept leaking (we finally replaced it with a Kohler). With the reno we just finished, I had ordered California Faucets faucets for the kitchen...but their factory shut down because of COVID, and I switched to Rohl to keep the reno going on time. Big mistake. Now we have two faucets in the kitchen. One works fine. The other, a month into using it, has a handle that's hanging off. So far technical service suggested taking a cap off the back and tightening the screw. Before I could figure that out, one of the screws fell out. Such an expensive faucet brand to cause so much trouble!

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  • M Miller
    2 days ago

    When I was shopping for a faucet for my Mom's kitchen, I was surprised at the many negative reviews for Rohl. My guest bath has Rohl fixtures that are 16 years old and never had a problem and look great. Evidently the quality has really changed from what was once this go-to high-end faucet company. I ended up getting my mother a Kohler Artifacts faucet for the kitchen. It's great.

  • eam44
    2 days ago

    Hi @AboutToGetDusty! I’m sorry to hear it, but for those of us who have yet to buy a faucet, it’s sure got to know. Thanks for posting. It sounds as though you have more faucets than you need at the moment, but if you are in the market again soon, @StarCraft Custom Builders has a great site where they review faucet manufacturers. I hope it’s smooth sailing for you from here on out!