Superwhite Quartzite: Leathered vs. Polished

2 months ago

I am rehabbing an entire 1965 house on the water and I have spent an agonizing amount of time over my kitchen design, mainly because price is a huge factor, hate it when that happens! 😅 I have decided on standard white paneled cabinets and superwhite quartzite countertops but I CANNOT DECIDE between leathered or polished!!! I’m going mad over it lol! I was thinking about maybe leathered for the perimeter and polished for the island? To get the best of both worlds?! Has anyone done a mixture of both??? I know the quartzite vs marble discussion out there too, and I don’t want to be a crazy person when entertaining over the “polished island” possibly showing more scratches than leathered. Just don’t want to make the wrong decision!! Please help!!!!

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