How To Rip Off A Contractor

Hire a contractor to replace your kitchen sink. Give him a $1,000.00 down payment and have him deliver the sink to you before installation. He may call and change the installation date, but the night before the second scheduled installation, call and cancel the job and insist upon a refund.

Since your late cancellation will probably screw up his schedule and cost him money, he’ll probably think a $500.00 refund when you return the sink to him is fair. Ha.

If the contractor was stupid enough to put the deposit on a charge card, simply call the bank and dispute the charges. The contractor will tell the bank that if they give you your money back in full, you’ll have no incentive to return the sink he’s paid for. Of course he is correct. Don’t worry, they’ll do it anyway, the contractor will call to ask when you’re returning his sink, you’ll lie and tell him “Soon.”

He’ll call and email the bank’s customer relations department when they lie and say they’re interested in his feedback. He’ll spend 5 paragraphs explaining their thievery abetting, but the time-out feature on their website will delete it all before he can send it. When he calls to complain, there’s a 25-minute wait and he just doesn’t have that much more time to invest in this money hole. No way is he going to small claims court; he’s bleeding like a stuck pig already.

Never mind the money it took the contractor in advertising to get you to call him. Forget about the time and gasoline his initial visit cost him. So what, you screwed up his schedule and his helper got a day off without pay. You got a free sink. Enjoy.

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