Build quality question — losing sleep over this

Sam Biller
last year
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My neighbor and I walked our construction site yesterday. He raised some major concerns about our building envelope and structure. My neighbors areas of expertise include detailed structural engineering design, consulting, and inspections for the restoration and repair of existing buildings and the design and construction of new buildings. He also provides forensic investigation services associated with design and construction matters and serves as an expert. He is a licensed professional engineer in eleven states, including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming. He’s also a licensed general contractor in Florida.

With all of that said, my neighbor raised more than a dozen concerns about the quality of my TPO membrane roof and the quality of the truss installation.

I’m hoping the Houzz community can give me some feedback and recommendations on this one issue. I’ve brought this and other issues to the attention of our builder / GC and he is being very defensive. I’m really concerned about our path forward with the builder. We’ve now hired an independent consultant to perform a full building envelope and structural engineering review of the property. The on-site inspection will take place next Friday.

Here is just one example related to the truss installation at the back of our house.

You can see from the photo and the truss plan that the roof in the top circled photo area should be to the left by probably a foot or more.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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