Airflow Between Floors, please help!!

Michael Lawson
6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

I have a unique issue that I'm not sure how to resolve. My house was a rancher with attached carport until 5 years ago when I added a second floor addition to the whole house except for the carport. Two summers ago, we started noticing our ductwork between the floors was condensating and dripping onto the first floor ceiling. We have had a few people come out to try to fix it but they have not been successful. Today I realized that the old attic extended the full length of the house and still does, only now the area over the carport is the only part that is actually still an attic. The rest is now the area between the first and second floor. The problem is, there is still a gable vent and ridge vent on that part, which means there is a gaping air hole between the floors. My question is how would you recommend fixing it? Sealing the carport roof area from the rest of the house or closing off the vents? Or something I'm not even thinking of?

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