Interesting article on albino coastal redwoods

2 months ago

Title says it. Thought it was interesting.

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5
    2 months ago

    ive run across a few articles on atlas obscura ... and enjoyed them.. the last was old envelope folding .. back in the olden days ...

    this article.. fascinating ... but the guy seems to be quoted as the scientist he isnt ... and i wonder about some of what he says ...

    e.g the article states: While they don’t attain typical redwood heights, some albino suckers grow to about 30 feet tall, living in what appears to be a parasitic relationship with the parent tree.

    ==>> and i wondered... is a sucker really a parasite .. or a parasitic relationship ... [which sounds more like my first girlfriend... but i digress .. lol...]]

    as i said.. all in all.. i enjoyed the article.. FWIW ...


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