My Master Bedroom needs some life!

6 years ago
We have lived in our house for a year and now I'm ready to get my boring bedroom some life. This is the only room I let my husband pick the paint color and the first room we painted. I hated it within months and got rid of the bedding he picked out and put the old back on! After a year of searching I got new bedding we both love and I laid it over the old for the picture so you can see the colors.

We do want a grey bedroom and the adjoining bathroom is also painted grey but it's fine. The walls have a bluefish tint and I don't like it. The wall with the dresser is painted a darker grey. The room is just to dark for me. I took the curtains down for the photos so you can see the windows. They too, are grey and they are very cheap I. Ought just to cover the windows.

I'm open for all suggestions!! My new bedding is a few shades of grey, maroon, black and the bed skirt is also black with the sheets a light grey. Other than that, I'm. to attached to anything else but my King size bed! The room isn't as large as our other bedroom so all the furniture wouldn't fit. I need new nightstands since the one on the left covers a register on the floor and it is hot or cold in there. We don't watch the tv at all, so it can be taken out too.

I would like to be able to have 2 dressers since the one in there is mine and my husband has to keep his in another bedroom.

My thoughts would be to paint the wood trim white to give it a clean, crisp look. Paint the walls (again), new nightstands but it needs to have at least 1 drawer and not sit flat on the floor. Repaint the dresser, window treatments and even change the layout it something works better.

Please help...I want to love my bedroom and I hate it right now! It needs some life and color on the walls!


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  • athtex
    Love the bedding! I actually like the grey walls- I suggest an area rug, maybe picking up the maroon/grey- Angling the bed can be difficult, but you can build/buy an inexpensive "sofa table" to set lamps or other items on behind a headboard. Also consider some interesting hanging lamps instead- I have used a floor screen/room divider as headboard when angling the bed. I agree w/ painting wood trim, maybe a light grey? Don't know if you light the look, but you might check out Moroccan decor for ideas to make this a true "oasis"
  • athtex
    Definitely ditch the TV- an intricate mirror would be beautiful there- I agree w/ painting the dresser & getting new hardware (something unique-)
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    You have lovely basics, all you need is to decorate. What colors do you like/which ones make you feel calm and happy? buy pillows, artwork, throws and lamps. Pick an accent color --go to paint store and look at the colors! Pick the ones that speak to you and don't second-guess yourself. Look around houzz and discover your style -- traditional? contemporary? asian? Whatever. I, personally, would go eclectic. A birch or bamboo bench, throw pillows of a few different fabrics (each must be cozy). Pick a "pop" color and get three things in that color, and concentrate two of them in a corner of the room, the third somewhere nearby to pull the space together. For the wall/artwork, take a little time at your next art fair, and spend most of your budget here. A great painting will guide you successfully!
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    Many good suggestions above. The accessories can help make it feminine and inviting. I think a lovely chandelier above a more industrial styled nightstand would be a nice compromise. Amy Dutton Home did a great job at adding one of our blown glass pendants we make. Looks pretty romantic to me. She used our handblown Cocoon pendant for this job.
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  • PRO
    Jos Brölmann Art
    Life and color, that where is is all about. I notice you want to have happy eyes in your master bedroom. I create bright colorful paintings which give you that good mood when you are awake and start the day. You can visit my site Below, you see one of my recent paintings.

    A general tip. Your room must be much lighter even just white. It calms down.
  • Brandi
    I didn't put the new bedding on top, so this is the old bedding we use. Excuse the sloppiness, but it wore me out getting the bed angled!

    1st...I LOVE the bed angled! It doesn't take up any more space than before and it now gets the nightstands off the registers so we will have more heat/air in the room!

    2nd...I know the nightstands and lamps need changed and I will work on that once we dig out of this snow storm.

    3rd...a headboard is a MUST! I've found some easy ideas and will either but fabric around some plywood or find a door I like and paint it. Both require my husbands help so I need to get him motivated.

    Those are easy fixes for now and will change the look along with the bedding.

    Next is finding a lighter wall color. What a lighter grey that matches the bedding be better and paint the trim white? What about the wall the dresser is on...I do like that wall darker but not sure how it will look with lighter walls.

    Area rug is a great idea since the green carpet will be staying for a while.

    Thanks for all the suggestions...keep them coming!

  • abbyjean
    Thanks for moving the bed! You are a real trooper, especially doing it alone! I love it, too, as it also opens up the windows and it looks like it FITS in the room now.

    I like the idea of a door as a headboard, too, as long as it fits the style of your room.

    I actually prefer all the walls as one color in a room and no accent walls.
  • Brandi
    I also found some photos online last night. The first picture is my dresser now. The other 2 are photos I found and wondered if that would be to bold to paint my dresser like these and change the hardware?

    Thoughts? I loved how it added so much color to the room!
  • abbyjean
    Be sure to measure how much room you have when shopping for new bed tables. Wonder if round ones would work???
  • Brandi
    Thanks Abbyjean...I really like it angled too once it has a headboard it won't look so awkward. I think I will paint all 4 walls the same color too...a lighter grey.

    It seems to have wasted space behind the bed now, but I can use that for some storage of things I only need a few times a year.
  • Brandi
    Yes...round ones are what I was thinking! Definitely small than what I have, but I think round ones will fit better. I would like it to be a little closer to the bed so I can see the clock at night
  • abbyjean
    Are you sure you want to start painting woodwork? You have a beautiful door showing here and it all matches the rest of your house, which will be thrown off once you start painting. Also, when you look at this pic, see how nicely your dresser MATCHES the door/wood? I love that!

    Will your husband's dresser fit on the wall beside the door?
  • PRO
    Susan Volden Interiors
    depending on your space, maybe angle the bed in the corner - add a tall headboard with a fabulous floor lamp . remove the tv - put two tall lamps on the dresser. you need paint and a new comforter
  • Brandi
    I hope you were looking at the beige comforter when you said I needed a new comforter. The grey, black and maroon one is my brand new comforter set that I'm been searching a year to find that my husband and I both liked! I have already angled the bed and will work on a headboard once we aren't snowed in.
  • athtex
    Looking good... I would paint all the walls a light grey & do the trim either lighter or darker grey for contrast. Look @ photos on Houzz of angled beds & consider either lg plant (palm) behind headboard or maybe mosquito netting- Also check out this blog for furniture refinishing: - the yellow is cool, might also consider teal or turquoise.
    Still think hanging lamps would look awesome- Have fun!
  • rredpenn
    I like the wall color with the woodtones. The wood warms the walls, yet the walls say "restful" to me, and they play off each other and the new comforter well. I like the angled bed too! I think to address your dilemma...needing color and life in the just need accessories that do that for you. Dark rich cranberry red, cobalt blue, deep saturated colors in lamps, throws, pillows, artwork, etc. would do the trick.
  • Brandi
    I have my measurements needed to make my headboard and I'm sending my husband out tomorrow. I'm going to cover a plywood board with padding and fabric to make it simple.

    Any ideas on fabric choice? I'm thinking a solid color since the comforter and pillows are patterned. What about solid black? Would that be a good look against light grey walls?
  • abbyjean
    Solid black is very might even be able to find some of the durable leather look alike fabric to use for it,too.
  • violetflower
    I think you absolutely need a headboard. I would not angle bed. It takes up too much space. I would keep it where it is and so be it that a headboard covers some of the window. Once you get the room finished with other stuff, a covered window will not be a focal point. For curtains, use a single panel on each window. The one next to closet, the panel will be on left, on right for other window. Curtains can hang straight to floor or have top of curtain span all of window with middle of curtain pulled to one side. Can TV be mounted on wall between door and closet on a tilt arm? Dresser: go up! Find drawers that stack (IKEA, Pottery Barn)? With top of stack having open cubbies for folded clothes (sweaters, t's, sweatshirts) or decor items, a collection? You can get a folding step stool to slide under bed you need to reach that space. And you should have drawers for both of you. Paint trim in whole house white - you'll be amazed how much brighter your rooms will be! Whatever you decide, please post updated pics!
  • violetflower
    One more thing: a closet organizer is a great way to add extra storage. We bought supplies from Lowes and my husband installed it in our sons closet. Drawers and shelves floor to ceiling with rods to the right at top and middle of unit.
  • Another Thyme
    Just looking at the picture of your dresser now with your bedding showing and that bedding is very similar in colour to what we have in our mbdrm. Our room is painted a muted sage green and it all looks great together.
  • Brandi
    It took me a few weeks to get things going in my bedroom, but I took your suggestions and these are the changes I've made so far from the original pictures I posted:

    1. Painted all walls the same color, which is a different shade of gray and not the blueish gray.

    2. Moved the bed at an angle, which allowed me to move the nightstands so one wasn't covering the register in the floor and now it's warmer in there!

    3. Built a black headboard since it didn't have one to start with.

    4. Removed the TV that was on the dresser

    5. Painted the gold handles on the closet black, but they are still drying and not put back in yet.

    I LOVE the results so far and thanks for the suggestions and ideas!!

    Now, my next focus is getting new nightstands and larger lamps to put on them. I was thinking of getting round nightstands so it fits better in the area and is closer to the bed. I need it to have at least 1 drawer in it though and have found a few online, but need to measure to see how it would fit. I was told earlier, to get larger lamps, even suggested metal lamps which I love that idea. I wanted to get the nightstands first to see how much room I have to work with.

    I have an idea for the windows...I'm putting wooden blinds in them with curtains on the side. I may go and get the blinds and install them today. I was thinking wood, instead of the white. Suggestions?!?

    I also need to think ahead to the dresser...should I keep it like it is and put accent items on it with the maroon color? I has also told to put a larger mirror above the dresser. Round or rectangular?

    Any ideas of what to do with the wasted space behind the bed now? It feels like something should be behind the headboard.

    I also plan on getting and area rug in the future since the green carpet will have to stay in there for another year.

    I would love to hear more ideas and suggestions from you all!

  • abbyjean
    You did an amazing job on that headboard and it totally changes the look of the bed and your whole room! YAY for you!!!

    Round tables will be perfect for the angles there, so maybe even draw some circles on newspaper and lay beside the bed to see what size you are looking for. Hope it is easy to find!!! Make sure they are tall enough to be easily used, too, and not short ones.
  • abbyjean
    I do not think you will notice space behind the bed once you put the panels on the windows. AND blank spaces are good to have, too. In fact, you now have a secret hiding place for things that will fit back there and not be seen!!!! So not wasted after all!!!
  • abbyjean
    I would try to find the wooden blinds that go with your wood trim right now and then they will blend in, but still be a very functional part of your room. Yes.....get them today as most places will trim them to fit exactly and they go up in a snap.
  • Brandi
    Right now, the tv we took off the dresser is hiding behind the bed! My husband wanted me to ask if something needed to go back there.

    I'm finally loving my bedroom after the first year of living here!

    Thanks again
  • abbyjean
    I have seen people put big plants back there to fill in the space, but I am not a big fan of that look. It appears to be growing out of your bed!
  • vintagemeetsmodern
    Move your bed to the other side so it will be the first thing when you walk in, not on the side. Get bigger lamps!! Those small one doesnt do anything for your room. You can reuse those as a decorative piece on a table somewhere else. Get light colored lampshades. Cream sounds nice. It will brighten up the room and bedding. Most importantly, get a headboard. You bed looks unfinished without it. You can make your own with a piece of wood cut from Lowes or covering a foam insulation board with fabric.
  • Brandi
    Someone on this side added the curtains with my photo and I loved it, so that is the look I'm going for. I will start with the blinds just to have some privacy until I find the right curtains.

    I've also attached 2 pictures of what kind of nightstands I was thinking about.
  • Brandi
    Vintage- you are looking at the old pictures at the top...scroll down and you will see the changes I made. I've already moved the bed and made a headboard for the bed. Lamps and nightstands are next on the listed since the lamps are so small and not much lighting is in the room.
  • notme11
    I think you have done an amazing job in your room. I never like bed comforters and I love yours. Let me just say that from the start before I add my opinion.

    Your room is beautiful, but if you cover those windows it is going to be dark. I would not use wood blinds. I think your room now needs a touch of feminine. I would add floor to ceiling sheers. Make the windows look big and light. I agree that you need new lamps. Maybe black iron or oil rubbed. The doors in your room are beautiful so painting them white would be a crime. I think in your case the wood should stay. The dresser is fine if you accessorize it right. Get a mirror or a picture with some light colors.

    So far so good in your room. Keep up the good work.
  • Brandi
    I couldn't have done this without the help of everyone on this site! I'm going to do the lamps next and see what change that makes in making the room lighter and brighter to decide on the curtains. For now, the cheap Walmart ones will go back up so the neighbors can't see in.

    This is Phase 1....Phase 2 will begin soon!
  • Brandi
    I'm also debating keeping my nightstands in the picture and save some money to use on other things in the room. If I keep them and repaint them, what color would you suggest?

    Black, an antique white, white...I didn't know if those would be good colors. I will also change the hardware out.

  • abbyjean
    Will you do me a favor and move the lamps next to the bed instead of on the outside edge of each night stand? Right now they just do not look like they fit, but maybe moving the lamps will bring them all in together more.
  • sviers
    If you want to keep the bed where you had it in the original picture, have curtains that go across the whole wall to give the idea that you have windows right across. Trim white, crown molding with be amazing, Paint all doors and trim white.
  • Brandi
    My first thought was to paint the trim white. Then I realized painting the trim would lead to paint the door frames, doors, the trim leading into the hall and into the rest of the house! Once I researched it and found out I had to put a primer on it, I quickly changed my mind...I'm not up for that task right now! We had a contractor here that is doing work in our kitchen and laundry room and suggested it may just be easier to replace it with white trim some day.

    Thanks for the ideas!
  • abbyjean
    Cheat and get a few books to put under the shortest lamp.....looks like reading material, which makes sense, too.
  • Brandi
    I've decided to just keep my nightstand I have and bring them back to life with a fresh coat of black paint and I will change the hardware also. I got 2 bigger lamps today that I'm excited about...they are a slightly distressed black stand with spots of the red coming thru and the lamp shade is the red color in the bedding. That will give the room some color!

    I was looking at pictures while out, but I don't know what needs to go on the wall behind the bed. I didn't know if I need a picture or something on both walls, just one wall or a wording phrase instead of a picture.

    I like canvas pictures, but this is where I need more help!

  • Brandi
    UPDATE....MY BEDROOM IS ALMOST COMPLETE!!!! I tried to take the after pictures in the same spot as the before pictures. This is the 1st time in a year, I can say I LOVE this room! All that is left to complete for now is an area rug at the foot of the bed and window treatments.

    An area rug will do for now until we change the carpet next year (this year we are changing the floors in the rest of the house except the bedrooms).

    I have a company coming next week to give an estimate on window shades for another room and he is going to give me an estimate for roman shades in the bedrooms. After that I can decide on the curtains.

    Thanks for all your help on this bedroom...I couldn't have done it without all your suggestions!

    I will post before and after pictures together so you don't have to keep scrolling up and down to see the changes.

    Thanks again to all of you!!

  • Brandi
    More before and after pictures!
  • Brandi
    I will post final pics after the windows treatments are in and I've found a rug!


  • PRO
    fynHome Staging & Redesign
    I thought about this bedroom I really love when I saw your post Even the window reminded me of it and I think it will help you and give you some deign inspiration. Definitely lighten it up!
    Pinterest · More Info
  • Brandi
    Thanks Maggie...I hope you were looking at the before pics, bc I've done what I want to do with the room! You mentioned the TV, so I'm sure it was the before pics. The only things left to do is add window treatments and that is being installed next Tuesday and I need to add an area rug to the foot of the bed. It is still dark in the room, but it just doesn't get much sun light I the back of the house, it I LOVE the room now and I haven't said that since we moved in!
  • abbyjean
    You should love the room, because you did a great job! Be proud of all your hard work and effort here. With your last touches, I can tell you were actually having some fun! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
  • Brandi
    Thanks Abbyjean! I'm a closing agent for a title company and do closings almost daily. Anytime someone talks at the closing about doing work In their new home, I ALWAYS tell them about the Houzz website!

    I love this's so helpful!
  • abbyjean are the one with that big pile of papers! I am impressed as that is a LOT of work.
  • candigirl123c
    Your room looks awesome! I read through almost all of these posts and the only thing I would add is the possibility of putting a home made shelf behind the bed, cut to fit the corner angle, so there isn't a hole behind the bed. If you wanted to store stuff under it just lift up the shelf.
  • Brandi
    I do feel like there is wasted space in the corner I could use. I have a sofa table I debated putting behind the headboard, but I don't think you would be able to see it. My husband says a tree, but I told him someone on Houzz said not to bc it looks like a plant is growing from your bed!

    I can relax now and eventually find the perfect thing to go behind the bed and area rug.
  • Brandi
    Yes Abbyjean...I just say sign here, sign here and shuffle papers like I know what I'm doing! Lol

    I do closings on houses from $80,000 to 3's a crazy housing market. I just wish I could see those 3 million dollar houses instead of the black and white appraisals!
  • abbyjean
    Maybe you should do house calls one day a week for those expensive ones!!! You know, make home visits!
  • ilangelo

    So funny, when I started reading the article, the first thing I wanted to suggest was "Angle the bed into the corner." As I continued, I saw that you had already magically taken my suggestion (just kidding/great minds think alike) Looks so much better. I will say: floor to ceiling window treatments would help...and changing everything that's red to a brighter orange or cinnamon. For my eye, the red and grey together are way too heavy. Have fun with the rest and keep us posted.

  • PRO
    Rocky's Restoration

    Repaint- you can leave the blue as one accent wall. Repaint the other wall in a cooler and cleaner tone, some shade of grey. Also you can repaint the moldings around the windows. It may open up the room a bit! Good Luck and Enjoy! Miri

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