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Help me pick the right paint color to complement cool crazy curtains!

January 29, 2014
I'm redoing my daughter's playroom and realized I need to address several different color combinations. I found this great material but now I need to pick a wall color. The drapes with be pink on top, great material and black on bottom. Any help is much appreciated!!!!!

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  • motownmom
    Having redone several rooms in my house as the kids got older (playroom became sports/tv watching room, their bedrooms a zillion times as they grew) I'd recommend painting the walls white and bringing in color with rugs, bookcases, pillows. I know, I'm bland, but it's just so much easier, especially in a room that you will want to "grow" as she does, or as your needs as a family do.

    You don't specify her age, but if she's small enough, I'd probably get a kid's table & chairs at a garage sale or re-sale store and paint the table one of the bright colors in the fabric, then the chairs a different bright color, get floor pillows in a solid of any of the colors for her to sit with friends while playing, then maybe some adult furniture in a solid in case you sit in there.

    The print in the fabric is small, but busy. I'd flesh out the room with solids and maybe a wide stripe in white and one of the colors, but other prints would in my opinion be way too much.

    I do love the fabric though!
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  • BC7111
    I don't know about white, but I might do a beige. That way the fabric is the important piece in the room.
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  • movethisnotthat
    the color of the 'white' in the flowers would make a perfect wall color.
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  • dclostboy
    Is Ralph Lauren Purple Embassy too much?
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  • dclostboy
    If going more sedate, think BM Elmira White is always a good choice.
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  • Gina C
    I would do a greenish colour, there are a few flowers in there that look a yellowish green colour. Green is soothing in my opinion. Love the fabric, really cool!
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  • kizzymay
    I agree with painting the walls a light color taken from the fabric. The colors on the drapes along with toys and such would pop nicely against light colored walls.
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  • alindamood
    It looks like there is a green in the curtain? I would go with a barely green that is almost white but has that hint of green in it.
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  • PRO
    Bizzy Lizzy Designs, Inc.
    I agree with alindamood, a very pale green, "muddied" up a bit, that is not too bright.
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  • indianpatti
    Agree with Gina ... I would go for a soft chartreuse color.
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  • kmartin12000
    Thanks all - I don't know if my last comment made it but I am leaning toward a green. I just need to find the right one - the first one I found turned out neon green on my walls. I like the white and beige tones but thought I would do the first color something I could cover with a more conservative color later. I so appreciate the ideas. The purple mentioned is also intriguing even just as a broad stripe with the "white" around it. I really appreciate all your contributions. I feel ready to hit the paint store.
  • Geneviève
    I say Lime and pink would look stunning with your fabric
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    Dottie Sheer · More Info
  • Geneviève
    Here is another idea to show you how nice they both look
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