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Bird Baths

Pure Garden Resin Bird Bath With Antique Scroll Design Bronze
Pure Garden Resin Bird Bath With Antique Scroll Design Bronzeby Pure Garden
Bring the charm of nature and a touch of elegance to your own backyard with the Pure Garden Antique Scroll Bird Bath. This outdoor accent is adorned with scrolled detail and an antique finish to bring picturesque beauty to any garden, patio, porch, lawn, and more. This long lasting birdbath is durable and weather resistant, so it can be enjoyed in multiple seasons instead of just warm summer months. It features a sturdy construction with a stable base and concave bowl, and also comes with 3 metal ground hooks for stabilization. The center post can be filled with play sand to weigh down the bird bath. Not only ideal for attracting birds, the artistic piece can be used as a garden ornament, small reflecting pool, or outdoor sculpture as well. It is perfect for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, bird watchers, gardeners and more to create your own personal outdoor oasis! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- Pure Garden is committed to providing the consumer with the absolute best price and value on our entire line of products, which we ensure by applying a rigorous quality control process. NOTE: This is an exclusive product of Pure Garden and ONLY Birdbaths by Pure Garden are GUARANTEED to be genuine IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. ELEGANT DESIGN- Accentuated with decorative scrollwork detail and an antique finish, this bird bath will look like picturesque in any outdoor space. The elegant piece can also be used as a garden ornament, small reflecting pool or outdoor sculpture too! STURDY- This classic birdbath features a sturdy base and is made from quality polyresin that is lightweight, yet strong so it is portable around your property. It includes ground stakes and the center post can be filled with play sand to weigh it down. BEAUTIFUL OUTDOOR ACCENT- The vintage-inspired look of the bird bath is sure to be a vivid focal point in your garden, patio, deck, lawn, and more. It is perfect for bird watchers, nature lovers, or gardeners to bring charming birds to your backyard. WEATHER RESISTANT- The durable birdbath is made of long-lasting, weather resistant material so it is good for enjoyment throughout the year beyond just the warm, summer months! PRODUCT DETAILS- Dimensions: 28 3/4 Height, 14 1/2 Diameter of Base, 20 Diameter of Water Basin. Material: Polyresin with antique bronze finish. Includes 3 metal ground hooks. Some easy assembly required.Read More
Grecian Bird Bath with Pedestal 24", x 19", White
Grecian Bird Bath with Pedestal 24", x 19", Whiteby Bloem
Welcome feathered friends into your garden with this birdbath. The perfect companion piece to the Grecian Urn series collection of planters and urns by Bloem. A Bloem birdbath makes a wonderful addition to your garden or front path. The base column is hollow and works great hiding well or septic pipes. This birdbath brings timeless beauty to any outdoor space. The Grecian Bird Bath has a two-piece design construction with removable base plate included. The depth of the bird bath bowl is 2.5 Inch. Large top features raised center platform to showcase a small flower pot or sculpture. Easy assembly, no tools needed. Fill base with sand or mini pebble rocks for additional stability year-around. Assembly Instructions: **TIP: It is best to assemble at the same location you wish display bird bath 1.) Place birdbath on top of pedestal and push down 2.) Turn upside down and fill with sand or mini pebble rock 3.) Line up the base pegs with black plate holes and press down 4.) Open bag of metal nuts (included) and press nuts smooth side down onto pegs 5.) Slowly turn the base over at desired location. 6.) Add water & enjoy! Features a raised platform for birds to rest on or to display a small flower pot or sculpture Bowl water depth 2.5" Two piece design, easy assembly, no tools needed. Fill base with sand or mini pebble rock for added stability year-around. Size: 24.25" height x 19" top bird bath width / 13" pedestal width at base Includes bird bath, pedestal, base plate and bag of push nuts Premium poly resin plastic construction and UV-protected for complete fade resistanceRead More
Antique Ceramic Birdbath With Birds, Turquoise, 24"
Antique Ceramic Birdbath With Birds, Turquoise, 24"by Alpine Corporation(4)
Beckon feathered friends to your yard with the Alpine Corporation Ceramic Bird Bath. Fill the bath with fresh, shallow water and enjoy watching all the birds congregate near your patio, garden, deck, yard, or pool! This high-quality bird bath features a gorgeous turquoise blue color with an antique finish - great for adding a pop of color to your outdoor decor. It is perfect for pairing with a bird feeder to coax a variety of birds outside your window during any season. The sturdy pedestal keeps the birdbath from tipping over while the ceramic construction withstands weather changes. Your yard will be the delight of humans and winged creatures alike! With a 1-year warranty, you can be confident in the quality of your purchase. Bird bath measures 19"L x 16"W x 24"H for use in yards of any size. STUNNING BIRD BATH: Quality bird bath is sure to attract feathered friends and bring charismatic ambiance to your garden, patio, deck, yard, or other outdoor space SHALLOW SHAPE: Shallow and wide bowl assures that multiple small birds can drink and bathe safely at the same time BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Gorgeous turquoise teal color offers vintage weathered accents for a stylish antique look DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Ceramic material resists damage from the elements while the sturdy base prevents the bird bath from tipping over IDEAL SIZE: Bird bath measures 19"L x 16"W x 24"H, the perfect size for your yardRead More
A birdbath is the epitome of classic garden décor. While they can serve as decorative garden sculptures, if set up correctly they can also provide some feathered friends a safe place to get a drink and rinse off. If you’re not sure which birdbaths are right for your garden and avian visitors, here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

What style of birdbath is best for my garden?

It’s best to look for a style with a gently sloping, shallow bowl to provide birds with easy access to the water. Here are a few of the more common styles you can choose from:
• Pedestal: The classic approach to birdbath design, the pedestal style has a wide, shallow bowl and single pedestal base. They come in a variety of materials and styles, including those with a more modern flair.
• Hanging: Hanging birdbaths are great if you have limited yard space and are supported by a three-point chain that hangs from your balcony, a backyard tree or even roof eaves.
• Heated: If you live in a colder climate, this is a great option for keeping your water — and the birds! — from freezing.
• Fountain combos: With this design, you can complement the visual interest of birds bathing with the soothing sound of trickling water. They can come in single- or multi-tier designs.

What materials can birdbaths be made of?

Typically birdbaths are made from concrete, ceramic or plastic, but you can also find metal, glass and stone varieties. Keep in mind your visual preferences when choosing, but don’t forget to consider weight, durability and ease of cleaning, too.
• Stone: Stone birdbaths are classic and built to last. While they’re fairly heavy and have a limited selection of colors, they age well. Look for one that has a smooth surface on the inner bowl to prevent algae build up.
• Ceramic: These come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and they look great, too. However, they’re typically heavy and prone to breaking if tipped over or hit with a heavy object. Again, you’ll want to look for a model with a smooth inner bowl to prevent algae build up.
• Copper and metal: These materials are durable and can add a unique, modern flair to your garden. They’re also less likely than stone or ceramic to harbor mold or algae. If you choose a metal or copper birdbath, be aware that the finish will develop a patina over time, thereby changing the overall look and color of your birdbath.
• Resin: This style is extremely durable and doesn’t show it’s age, plus it weighs much less than your ceramic or stone options. Because of their lighter weight, they’re more prone to tipping over, so be sure to fill the base with something heavy or secure it another way.

How do I attract birds to my birdbath?

After you’ve purchased your new birdbath, keep these tips in mind to create the optimal outdoor spa for avian visitors:
• Place your birdbath in an area with good visibility and nearby shelter such as trees or shrubs. Try to avoid placing it too near to branches if you’re worried about prowling felines disrupting your birds’ bath time.
• Make sure the water level isn’t too deep. Birds like to perch around the edge or in the water itself. Another option is to add small branches or stones for them to rest on.
• You can also place a layer of sand in the bottom of the dish to provide sure footing for your visitors.
• Adding motion, like water dripping or a fountain-style birdbath, helps to attract nearby birds.