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Clothes Hangers

Space Saving Velvet Hangers Black, 100-Pack
Space Saving Velvet Hangers Black, 100-Packby ZB Brand$85.96$37.99
Premium, Standard Sized Velvet Hangers Say goodbye to flimsy plastic or wire hangers and upgrade to luxurious velvet hangers. This pack of 100 hangers allows for a complete closet redo. Made of lightweight yet flexible plastic, these hangers are built to last and can withstand a maximum weight of 10 pounds; excellent for hanging winter coats and puffy jackets. Dimensions: From pant bar to top of hook 9", from pant bar to top of hanger 5", shoulder to shoulder 17 1/4", and 3/16"thick Attractive, Slim Silhouette Adds up to 50% More Closet Space! Luxurious Velvet Flocking What was once a tedious chore will now become a simple pleasure! Hanging clothes has never been easier with these incredible hangers. The hangers are enveloped in high quality, satisfyingly smooth to the touch velvet. The velvet flocking gently grips clothing ensuring they always stay put on the hanger. Clothes stay neatly hung and organized instead of dressing the floor. Chrome Finish Swivel Hanger The stainless steel hooks are finished in shiny chrome; adding to the luxurious aesthetic of the hangers. The hooks swivel 360 degrees making browsing, accessing, and hanging clothes all the more easier. Contoured, Notched Shoulders The shoulder line is contoured to help preserve clothes shape and features precisely-cut notches for keeping straps in place; no more hanger marks on fine knits or damaging shoulder bulges. The notches take the headache out of hanging thin strap shirts, tanks and allow women to gracefully hang their undergarments such as bras, nightgowns, and camisoles. Pant Bar The pant hangers feature a horizontal bar that is covered in luxurious velvet that both grips and prevents creases. Use the pant bar to trousers, mens shorts, capris, or skirts neatly hung and organized in the closet.Read More
High Grade Lotus Wooden Suit Hangers, 20-Pack
High Grade Lotus Wooden Suit Hangers, 20-Packby ZB Brand$36.49$27.99(1)
Not every wooden hanger is made equal. we've engineered a special type of hanger that surpasses the competition in quality, durability, and look. These hangers are crafted from wood sourced from the lotus tree in China. The resilient lotus tree produces wood that is incredibly durable, perfect for hangers that can withstand the weight of heavy garments such as suits and coats. The wood is sanded down thoroughly for hangers that are splinter-free and smooth to the touch, then finished in a clear lacquer for a gorgeous shine that brings out the natural woodgrain. The hangers have contoured shoulders that imitate the human shape closely, retaining the integrity of your clothing and keeping shoulder bulges from appearing. Cut notches on the shoulder line allow for strappy shirts and dresses to be hung with ease. The pant bar is secured to the hanger and reinforced allowing you to hang heavy pants and jeans without fear of the bar collapsing. The bar is cylindrical in shape for keeping creases at bay and features a grooved, nylon covering that grips garments and prevents them from falling. Finally, the hangers feature a 360 degree swivel stainless steel hook that allows you to hang the hangers from any angle. Product Features Made of premium, extra durable Lotus wood Natural finish Coated in clear lacquer for smooth, snag free exterior Features convenient shoulder notches for straps Contoured shoulders keeps clothes original shape Nonslip, grooved, nylon covered pant bar prevents creases 360 degree swivel stainless steel hook Shipped in secured packaging Great for housewarming and wedding gifts Dimensions: 17"from shoulder to shoulder and 8"from top of hook to pant bar. Why You'll Love It Lotus Wood We've sourced the wood for these hangers from Lotus trees in the forests of China. This wood is strong and durable and allows us to produce hangers that are resilient and reliable for all your closet hanging needs! Stronger Than the Competition Why bother with purchasing wood that looks and feels cheap Our lotus hangers not only look fantastic, they feel it! Our hangers are engineered to withstand years of use and have a solid substantial feel that you just have to feel for yourself! Space Saving Versatility Look no further! With features like strap notches, a non slip pant bar, and strong, contoured shoulders, these versatile hangers are the only ones you'll need in your closet. Their strong construction allows you to hang a heavy suit jacket and a matching pair of slacks on the pant bar. Female buyers can hang a strappy blouse, blazer, and skirt all on one hanger, saving space and time!Read More
If you take good care of your clothes, they’ll take good care of you. Not many people like walking around in soiled, rumpled clothing. While ironing, steaming and laundering can be helpful solutions after the fact, you can take a pre-emptive approach to keeping your clothes in tip-top shape with a good set of hangers. You may be surprised to learn that there are many more clothes hanger styles out there than the dry cleaner’s wire variety and your standard plastic styles. Picking out the right one for different types of clothing may be confusing at first, so we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide right here to get you started.

Is it OK to use plastic hangers?

Plastic hangers are perfect for hanging your dress shirts, blouses, T-shirts and polos. Their slim design helps them save space, similar to the thin velvet or wooden hangers that are also perfect for hanging simple shirts and blouses. When purchasing plastic hangers, make sure they feature quality construction. If you’re worried about them snapping, look for ones made from about 50 grams of plastic. Plastic child and baby hangers are also perfect for hanging up onesies and child-sized shirts. Just make sure they’re small enough to fit your child or baby’s clothing, as adult-sized styles can stretch these items out.

What should I look for in a suit or coat hanger?

Your suit and coat hangers should be thick and curved, especially if you’re hanging tailored suits or jackets. These clothing items require extra space in your closet, so don’t feel bad about squeezing in these thick hangers. Their curves and thickness will support the form of your garment. You can also use this type of clothes hanger to store sweaters and robes.

What are the best skirt and pants hangers?

Many people prefer to clip their skirts and pants when they hang them, as this can prevent unsightly marks and wrinkles. You can use a small piece of foam in between the clip and your garment to avoid the dent that would otherwise be left there by the clip. Pants can generally be folded in such a way that the clip only grabs onto the inside of the hem so that the dent doesn’t show up on the outside.

If you prefer to avoid clips altogether, look for styles that have a bar that connects the two arms of the hanger. You can drape your pants or skirt over this bar, leaving the top free for your matching top or jacket.

Are there other types of clothes hangers I can use to organize my accessories?

If you’re the proud owner of multiple neckties and scarves, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to store them. If your closet is your preferred space for keeping these colorful accessories, look for clever hanger designs to organize them.
• Ties: A tie rack is perfect for sorting out each tie individually, and some even spin around so you can easily browse through and select your necktie for the day. This can help free up valuable drawer space, as well.
• Scarves: A scarf hanger will hang up inside your closet, and it features loops or holes where you can easily drape your scarves to avoid tangling them up or keep them from falling on the floor. It also keeps your scarves in plain view so you can easily pick one out that matches today’s outfit.
• Belts: A belt hanger can solve that frustrating problem of just how to store your belts. Since they’re “top heavy” with a buckle on one end, they tend to slip around easily. A belt hanger features hooks attached to a hanger that you hang the buckle of your belt on. Now you won’t have to worry about them slip-sliding around, uncoiling or becoming a jumbled tangle in your drawers.

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