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Compost Bins

89 Gallon Tumbling Compost Bin Composting Tumbler Composter
89 Gallon Tumbling Compost Bin Composting Tumbler Composterby Casa Furnish Store$326.71
In the world of composters, you have two basic choices: Bins and Tumblers. Compost bins typically hold more than compost tumblers but must be aerated constantly. Tumblers aerate easily but usually don't hold as much material. This 89 Gallon Tumbling Compost Bin Composting Tumbler Composter resolves both of these short comings. Its massive drum is one of the largest on the market. Handholds allow you to get a grip to optimize your torque unlike complex, crank-driven systems that are clunky and break overtime. The low profile keeps it from blowing over in high winds, helps keep it out of sight, and makes it convenient for loading and unloading material. A common problem with all composters is that you must transport material across the yard which can be heavy. The Compost Wizard's drum can be leveraged off of the base and rolled to your desired location: No heavy lifting! And the 16'' twist lid makes access very easy while also sealing in precious compost tea and keeping out animals. Fresh compost can be made in just 14 days and you only have to turn it once a week or after addition of new material. And to make things easier, it comes completely installed so you can start composting immediately. 89 Gallon Tumbling Compost Bin Composting Tumbler Composter Made of durable 100% recycled polyethylene plastic Requires only weekly rotation 16'' Twist-off lid for easy access and security End air vents create essential ventilation Can be rolled to any location for filling or dispensing Wheeled base makes turning effortless Holds up to 89 7/9 gallon of compost Black color absorbs heat for fast composting Compost Wizard Collection Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 29 Inches Overall Width - Side to Side: 36 Inches Overall Depth - Front to Back: 29 Inches Wall Thickness: 0.0188 Inches Opening Width - Side to Side: 16 Inches Opening Depth - Front to Back: 16 Inches Overall Product Weight: 40lbs.Read More
Black Plastic Compost Bin Composter for Home Garden Composting - 94 Gallon
Black Plastic Compost Bin Composter for Home Garden Composting - 94 Gallonby Casa Furnish Store$157.14(1)
This Black Plastic Compost Bin Composter for Home Garden Composting - 94 Gallon Saves Money by Reducing Curbside pickup and Landfill Waste. It produces Nutrient Rich organic Soil for Healthier Plants and Gardens. Now you can help the environment while also helping your family save money with the SoilSaver. Soil produced is natures' own fertilizer and Soil Conditioner. This Composter Includes a Locking Self-Watering Lid, 100% Recycled Material, Military grade Rugged Construction, 2 Sliding Doors, openings for aeration and a free composting Guide, "A Sense of Humus." Black Plastic Compost Bin Composter for Home Garden Composting - 94 Gallon Produce rich organic dark compost humus in 6 to 8 weeks from food scraps, kitchen and garden waste Save up to 30% of household waste while saving money on applicable curbside pickup costs Made from BPA free 100% recycled environmentally-friendly material Locking Self-Watering Lid keeps animals out while openings allow air to move through composter to speed up the composting process Large opening makes for easy access and Two sliding doors make removal of compost simple and convenient Robust thickness and construction helps produce and insulate heat which helps the micro-organisms breakdown waste to produce nutrient rich soil Capacity (cu. ft.) - Total:12.65 Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 32 inches Weight: 28lbs. Shipping Weight: 30lbs.Read More
You’re looking to make a positive impact on the world in your own way. A compost bin is an easy way to start, and it’s estimated that composting can reduce the amount of waste in our landfills by up to 24 percent. While you can gather your homemade fertilizer without a bin, compost bins expedite the composting process from several years down to a few months or less. Along with speeding up your process, your compost tumbler will hide that mound of organic waste behind a friendly-looking exterior. If you’re looking for an outdoor composter or a kitchen compost bin, here are some tips to get you started.

What should my compost bin be made of?

Possibly the best material for your composter is a dark-colored plastic. Since composting requires heat and moisture, dark plastic compost bins are a perfect choice. If you’re concerned about how a large plastic bin might look perched in your backyard, a wooden bin is a close second. However, you’ll want to make sure your wooden composter is built with rot-resistant wood, such as cedar, and not with pressure-treated materials, which might contain toxins.

Should I buy a small composter or a larger one?

The size of your kitchen compost bin depends on how much organic waste you need to turn into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Keep in mind, the larger your bin is, the more difficult it can be to rotate. Some bins come in the form of a compost tumbler, which features an easy-to-operate tumbling mechanism that flips your composting materials over for you. Tumblers tend to be small, and since small bins may be prone to drying out, you should keep a close eye on their moisture levels.

Are there any other compost tumbler features I should look for?

Take a look at the shape of your bin. Round bins are best, since heat and moisture can spread evenly throughout their contents, reducing the chance of having cold corners. Also pay attention to how much ventilation is present. Compost bins should feature dozens of small holes to increase air circulation. While this may seem counterintuitive, remember that the microorganisms working to break down your organic matter require oxygen to function. However, make sure your bin’s air circulation slits aren’t large enough for pests like rodents and raccoons to get in.

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