Wind Chimes

Ranging from gentle tinkling to boisterous, gong-like echoes, wind chimes are a delight to have on any porch. These magical musical instruments turn a playful breeze into a relaxing melody. You can simply add one wind chime to your outdoor area or create a wind-driven orchestra by adding several. Whether you prefer a solo or group act when it comes to your chimes, here are a few tips to make finding the perfect wind chime easy as pie:

What kinds of material can I find wind chimes in?

You'll find a fairly large variety of materials while hunting for a wind chime, but the most common happen to be metal, glass or bamboo. Not surprisingly, the type of material used affects the sound a wind chime emits:
• Brass: Rich, gong-like sounds
• Aluminum: Vibrant and clear chiming
• Bamboo: Quiet, delicate clacking
• Glass: Light, quiet tinkling

How do I know what kind of tone my wind chime will have?

Sometimes it's difficult to estimate what kind of sound wind chimes will make, and if this is important to you the wrong tone can be a deal breaker. By analyzing the material along with the design of a wind chime you can get a better idea of how it will sound:
• High-pitched: Look for wind chimes with short, narrow tubes.
• Medium-pitched: These tend to be mid-sized or larger and typically feature more tubes that provide a broader range of chimes.
• Low-pitched: Look for longer, larger tubes if you're seeking low, resonant chimes.

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