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Business Description
De-spec is an award winning internationally recognized multi disciplinary practice with a focus on the relation of space and it’s occupant, developing spatial typologies for an architecture that is experienced inside and out. The name de-spec itself is a derivative of de-speculative. The act of de-speculating is applied to most projects as a form of ‘de-construction’ of site and program in search of content and experience.
“It’s the viewers which make the pictures” Marcel Duchamp
The process is divided into three categories:

De-spec is primarily focused on the bodily experience of a building or space. A phenomenological perspective ensures that the primacy of experience is not lost. Working in the domain of the ‘lived space’ the approach is based on the lived experience. Using ideas of Radical functionalism, the daily life undergoes a phenomenological analysis and everyday functions undergo a reduction to extract content. Every experience of space is multi-sensory, one dimensional vision is replaced by multi sensory perception and visual experience includes acoustic and implied haptic experiences which grow gradually scene by scene giving rise to intimacy and participation.
From analyzing the way the body moves, to the things that move it, from exploring within each project the psyche and the unconscious, Emphasizing conscious experience solutions are fine tuned optimizing the necessary relation between user and space. Rather than objectifying the architectural solution, space is choreographed to produce the desired experience, and so in essence ‘experience’ is designed, instead of designing the object and the container from the ‘bird’s eye view’, the project is explored from within, striving to define the ‘inside out’ as the very essence of space and experience.
To expose content with meaning, in some projects, Dematerialization of Architecture as a self obsessed object is required. Form serves to define content, where content is the intersection of program, function and site.

The team is lead by three principal designers, Farnaz Mansuri, Tom Shea and Frederick. Every member of the team is invited to develop the necessary sensory / functional parameters and make the drawings that serve as inspiration. In its execution construction is divided into two parts, onsite and offsite fabrications. For the onsite, De-spec works closely with the builder and owner but for the offsite fabrications, the work is directly managed by De-spec, making some of the contracts, ‘design build’ if it benefits project schedule or budget

Certification and Awards
AIA (American Institute of Architects) 2008, 2012
IIDA (International interior design awards), 2012
WC (10th Annual Will Ching Award), 2012
IDA (Interior Design award, 2012
AZURE, annual azure award 2012
WAN , World Architecture News, 2011
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