How do we get "beefier" porch posts?? We need some architectural advice!

9 years ago
We removed our railing in order to replace a rotten porch post in the corner. That's as far as we've gotten! We'd like "larger" posts, but three general contractors have come to our house and said we need to stay with the same size 5 inch posts because of the beam at the top (only one inch bigger than existing post) and the bottom (bottom post trim along edge of brick already. Any ideas?? Any other suggestions? Also welcome ideas for railings! We don't need one for "code." My original thought was to not put a railing back up, or a black aluminum one. I also like the old fashioned shorter historical type railings, but hard to find in "composite." Budget is a concern!! The porch is only 24" from the ground, but the corner side is higher. We may be able to just swing our landscaping around and raise the ground on the corner and go without a railing. Please help!! I'm sure our neighbors are wondering when we are going to finish!! I want to fix up the landscaping in front of the porch (already removed larger bushes), but am waiting until after construction. Thanks in advance!!

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