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Casement vs regular windows

7 years ago

We got our quote on windows recently. The casement windows are $67 more expensive than regular windows. My husband was kind of leaning towards casement because that is what he grew up with. But to be honest, we don't use our windows a whole lot. They let in light and they look pretty, but we don't open them a whole bunch.

Do some folks do casement windows in some areas and regular windows in others? I thought maybe doing casement on the windows in the front of the house which is our library area, and both guest bedrooms and also the windows that are in the family room going into the backyard. Then our master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room would have normal windows.

Or we could save hundreds of dollars and do regular windows everywhere. That might help counteract the fact that the front door we want is $175 more than what we budgeted and we are going to get a patio door in our master bedroom that has the blinds inside the glass because that was $150 more.

What kind of windows do you have and are you happy with them?

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