Devilbiss GB5000-2 generator rectifier wiring question

7 years ago

Melted the bridge rectifier inside my Devilbiss gb5000-2 generator after plugging in a miswired extension cord during our last power outage. The photo above shows two white lead wires leaving the stator windings. One of these white wires is jacketed inside blue painted insulation, the other white wire is inside an unpainted white jacket. I believe these should be the positive and negative wires to the bridge rectifier, the other two wires leaving the stator are yellow and should connect to the AC (~) terminals on the bridge rectifier. I have ordered an identical replacement bridge rectifier (Devilbiss part GS0767, generic part number 512 GBPC1204), but I need to know the polarity of the two white wires in order to connect it correctly. Devilbiss diagrams for this generator do not even show the rectifier, just the 4 wires leaving the back of the disassembled parts. Anyone out there who can at least take a snapshot of your GB5000 or similar generator with the wires installed? This bridge rectifier or one similar is installed on many Porter Cable, DeWalt, Devilbiss, and other generators. Devilbiss seems to have abandoned their generators, and have obsoleted many of the parts for them as well.
Moved this from the tool shed forum after getting no response. Since then, I called the closest authorized repair center (it's over an hour away) and their tech person couldn't even find a reference to any type of rectifier being used on a Devilbiss generator. I should mention that the head went bad around ten years ago, Devilbiss paid to have it replaced with a different head even though it was out of warranty because this was a common failure in this model. So, I'm not sure if the rectifier was part of the original setup as sold in 1998.

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