I need to stop going to kirklands

John Smith
4 years ago
Ok, I'm a single 33yr old male. My house looks great but doesn't have the look like i want anymore. Id love to sell the home, everything I own, and move into a renovated loft but i don't see that happening.

Id love to go modern and do light grays/dark grays and new throw rug. The couches are tan so i don't know how well everything will go.

The whole house is this "tan" theme. Can tan/yellows mix with a modern style?

Any suggestions on how i can update the look to look less kirklands and more modern?

I have built modern tables from wood and black plumbers pipe, made pipe shelving, and will replace all wall hangings. Buying a new couch seems wastefull to me because these are still pretty new....minus the red wine spills from the ex

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