Splitting a large bedroom into two small ones

4 years ago

We just moved into a 4 bedroom house with 2 bedrooms up and 2 down. I would like to split the 2nd bedroom upstairs into 2 smaller rooms as we have small children and I don't want either in the basement by themselves. The rooms would measure 8x10 and 7x15. My dad is a contractor and is going to help with the reno so we would only be paying for materials which we have estimated at $5000.

Right now the one bedroom takes up the entire space of the 2 rooms in the drawing with the doorway located where the linen closet is in the drawing and the entire span of the 15' wall is closets. To me a lot of it feels like wasted space anyway because it's not like you can put anything there in the walkway or in front of the closets.

I'm wondering about resale value. We are planning to sell in a few years and I dont want to do something that will lower the resale value. Any mom I talk to with young kids says that only having 2 rooms on the upper level would be a deal breaker for them so I'm hoping that even though the rooms are small that there will be some added value. The rooms downstairs are normal size 12x14 so a family with older kids could have the kids in the basement no problem and use the upper rooms for an office or something.

What does everyone thing? Will it increase, decrease or be neutral on resale value?

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