Advice on embracing a 1940's bathroom!

4 years ago

For over a year now, I have gone back and forth about how to incorporate our well-tiled, well-maintained 1940's bathroom. While I don't mind the color, I am just ready to find the right decor and color scheme. I plan on getting a shelf or small cabinet (over the toilet) to store the few items that are now sitting on the back of the toilet. I'm waiting on this until I get more decor so that I know what color (or style) of cabinet to get. I am also waiting on getting a new shower curtain until I finalize decor. With all this said, I think I have (almost) settled on using palm leaf wall decals to give an airy feel, adding a hint of nature, and a semi tropical feel. In the photos below, you can see the empty wall space. So the real question is, where do I put the wall decals? Over the shower to accentuate the architectural design, on the wall opposite the toilet and sink, on the wall with the sink, etc.? Thoughts or any other thoughts outside of what is proposed? Thank you!

This is a framed picture I plan on hanging in the bathroom. I hope to find other decor to compliment this.

Don't mind the chain (it's part of the original ceiling skylight that opens & acts as a vent):

Floor Tile:

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