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Gold or matte black kitchen faucet?

Jennifer Ma
February 20, 2018

We are building our home right now with white kitchen cabinets. We will have gold hardware (I'll post a photo below) but we are stuck between getting a matching gold faucet or having it matte black.

My kitchen island pendant lights will be matte black.

The reason I am going back and forth between matching the gold faucet or having a matte black one is: Although I LOVE the gold hardware--what if this trend goes out of style or I get tired of it a few years later? Hardware is easy to change out, the faucet--not so much.

Am I overthinking it? Should I just go with my gut and get the matching gold faucet because I love it right now and just deal with the situation later if I change my mind? Or would it be wise to stick with a matte black faucet?

Thanks in advance for all your help and opinions!

Comments (15)

  • Michael Joseph
    Gold it looks amazing with it matching the handles.
    Jennifer Ma thanked Michael Joseph
  • Michael Joseph
    Matt black would look nice but if it is gold your lights will pop a lot more
    Jennifer Ma thanked Michael Joseph
  • Michael Joseph
    And if you go with black that area around the sink might seem small because it is such a dark color the gold is light more open and warm there for it will feel bigger and brighter.
  • boxerpal

    I vote gold but of course get what you love.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    if your set up will look like that picture (the sink is basically surrounded by the gold hardware), then I'd do gold. If the sink is off by itself a bit, or maybe you have a black light above the sink, then do the black.

    but honestly, if the trend changes in 5 years, then just buy a new faucet. 500 bucks. not a big investment. Actually, if the trend changes, then you're stuck w/all of the gold hardware. so if it really is going to bother you, do the black everywhere!

    JK. The gold will be fine.

  • Jenna Roeber
    Gold is very trendy... black would be more classic.
    Jennifer Ma thanked Jenna Roeber
  • cpaul1

    I would not do gold because I think kitchens should mix metals and I think gold is too trendy and will put a time stamp on your reno. But I also would not do matte black. That makes no sense in that space and kitchens need to look clean. I would do another metal. Assuming your sink and/or appliance are stainless, I would match to that.

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  • PRO

    I am a huge fan of the elegance that both of these items offer. If you're worried about trends changing you'll never get what you love so I say pick the one that inspires you. If you love it now, and there is design precedent set for it (there clearly is) then go Gold. Also If you purchase the faucet in your example they are easier to change than you think (assuming you'll just go with a different color but same single hole style). I'd go with a more rich brass look than Glossy gold though. The faucet you choose is a perfect example of that. I say do it!

    Kurt - Designer

    Jennifer Ma thanked STUDconstruction
  • PRO
    Courtney Thomas Design

    You can always mix metals it is very popular to do. See here how in our bathroom design the sconces and hardware are the same color but the faucets are not?

    Highland Residence · More Info

    Jennifer Ma thanked Courtney Thomas Design
  • Jennifer Ma

    Thank you everyone for your opinions! I decided to go with my gut and go with the gold faucet. Sorry for the late reply! I had surgery to remove some kidney tumors (yikes I know) last Friday and now I'm feeling better to get into design mode. I really do appreciate everyone's comments! Have a good one!

  • Katie Farhang

    Jennifer Ma - Could you post some final pics? We are basing our kitchen design off of the same photo (love it!) and am just having a hard time deciding on the lighting over dining table. Open concept and island pendants are gold wired. Think of adding a little black in the lighting to add depth. Thanks in advance!

  • N D

    Who makes faucet?

  • PRO
    Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center

    Happy you're feeling better and congrats on your bravery! Great choice on going with a gold faucet, it will look beautifully elegant. All the best!

  • Jennifer Ma
    It is a delta faucet! I have a photo but the house isn’t done yet and it’s super dusty and dirty...let me know what you guys think. The black pendant lights I wanted were back ordered and double the price so we went with these other gold lights. The gold on the pendants and the gold on the faucet are definitely different but I find myself not really minding. What do y’all think? I’ll try to follow up with a finished photo of the place furnished!
  • PRO
    Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath

    This looks lovely! I cannot really see the difference between gold on the pendants and gold on the faucet. It seems you made a great choice!

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