And so the journey begins.....

November 1, 2018

My wife and I are about to embark on our journey of remodeling our kitchen and the rest of the first floor (if money allows). We often look at this site for ideas so therefor i thought it would be a good place to solicit help and feedback.

I feel like i should give some background on myself. I'm a model maker by degree which means i design (CAD) and build physical prototypes for a variety of consumer products. So i'm a very hands on person and very rarely do i hire anyone to do anything for me, including home remodeling work. I've done some decent size projects thus far. Our last house i finished out our 1600 sq.ft. basement (wiring, drywall, ceiling, 3rd bathroom, etc.), designed and built an elevated (10ft) 600 sq.ft wood deck. Thus far on our current house i've remodeled the half bath, built a 400+ sqft stone patio and gutted a portion of our basement and built a bar. So needless to say, i plan to do as much of this remodel myself as humanly possible.

On to the task!

Below are some photos of our kitchen as it sat when we bought the house 3+ years ago. We've done nothing aside from replacing their clutter with our clutter :)

The first thing to note is that the "informal" dining area flows uninterrupted into the kitchen. Our plan is to eliminate this dining area and solely use the "formal" dining room since it rarely get's used. Here are some of our goals/wishes:

  • Replace or refresh the cabinets (we both like grey colored cabinets)
  • Replace broken casement window with new awning window
  • Remove textured walls (via skim coating) and paint a lighter grey color
  • Add backsplash (color and material TBD)
  • Replace countertops with stone (material and color TBD)
  • Create a larger and rectangular island since we are eliminating the "informal" dining area
  • Replace floor with plank system
  • Replace sink with apron/farmhouse style
  • Add/remove ceiling lighting as necessary
  • Replace sliding patio door with french door

Task #1 is to decide what to do about the cabinets as this will decide if we stick with the current floorplan or go to a new one (which involves all new appliances). Aside from being outdated, there's nothing wrong with our current cabinets. We're just tired of the wood look and not a fan of the raised center panel with all the nook and cranny detail work around it. We both like the simple shaker style with squared off main frame and flat recessed center panel. If we keep what we have, what sort of cost (do it myself or hiring someone) am i looking at to repaint cabinets like these? Are there any downsides with going this route?

Option B is to buy new cabinets. I'm being told to expect anywhere from $5k-$20k. And then there's the whole painted vs. foil debate which i'm still trying to understand. So we've scheduled a meeting with Lowes this weekend to get some perspective on what all new Kraftmaid of Shenadoah cabinets would run us.


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