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Watermelon recommendations

January 21, 2019

What are some good picnic sized watermelon varieties to grow? Also looking at unique or especially tasty watermelons of any size! I grew Cream of Saskatchewan, Alibaba, moon and stars, and yellow watermelons. Particularly interested in tasty very crisp types right now.

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  • vgkg Z-7 Va

    The best melon I've ever grown continues to be "Gold Strike", an orange variety, crisp, sweet, and everyone I've served it up too agrees. Not sure what "picnic size" is, small? but GS is a large melon.

  • farmerdill

    concur. not sure what picnic size means. for small melons (15 lb)


    Wilson Sweet

    in 20-25 lb class

    Chris Cross

    Crimson Sweet

    Golden Honey

    I have grown a few varieties of watermelons both OP and hybrids. all are rated in Plants Database. I have grown Gold strike, very good but I like Golden Honey and if want large 30 lb.+ melons Orange Flesh Tendersweet, Orangeglo,. Desert King.

  • brandon_the_random

    Picnic sized usually refers to the size of large store ones over 15lbs or so. The catalogues and universities also classify sizes as Icebox and personal sized, and are the approximate size as the category suggests.

  • farmerdill

    You may get more responses in the vegetable section. Watermelon is a fruiting vegetable like eggplant, tomato, pepper, squash. cucumber...

    brandon_the_random thanked farmerdill
  • melikeeatplants

    Orangeglo is a very good one highly recommend

  • nmfruit

    Orangeglo is hands down my favorite. I've also grown Cream of Saskatchewan, Crimson Sweet, Mountain Sweet Yellow, Moon and Stars, Blacktail Mountain, Jubilee, and probably half a dozen others I can't recall. None of those, or anything from the store comes close to Orangeglo for taste, but it is prone to splitting, and Crimson Sweet has always been the most reliable producer for me.

  • melikeeatplants

    How do you like Cream of Saskatchewan? I got some seeds this year to try it out.

  • nmfruit

    melikeeatplants, C of S was nothing special for me, lacking in sweetness and flavor, but I imagine it could be good in certain climates. I'm in a relatively short growing season area with cool summer nights, but that variety seemed to grow fine for me at least.

  • farmerdill

    It is a Novelty for me. Texture is good, excellent sweetness, very light taste. Still the best white fleshed variety that I have grown.

  • brandon_the_random

    it has a strangely salty taste, like Gatorade without flavor

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