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Kitchen REVEAL

June 10, 2019

My small kitchen is (mostly) complete. I absolutely love how it turned out.

I found a local cabinetmaker (J. Bay Cabinets) and I cannot say enough good things about the quality of these cabinets and the entire ordering process. Because they are custom I could make the cabinets any width or depth I wanted, down to 1/4”. I have a couple angled walls so this flexibility was important.

Upper cabinets are painted white with mirror inserts and the lowers are beautiful flatsawn walnut.

The fridge surround (my “wall of tall” that Sophie would hate) is walnut and I designed all the drawers specifically to what I store in each, then lined one cabinet with the same countertop material just for fun and because I thought I’d put my coffeemaker in that cabinet.

The countertop is Fusion quartzite. It was a splurge but I love it so much!

Other details:

Kohler 27” Riverby sink

Kohler Artifacts faucet

Fisher and Paykel refrigerator

Fisher and Paykel dishwasher drawers

GE Cafe range (had this already)

Fireclay Fresh Cream 3x9 backsplash tiles

Schoolhouse Electric pulls and knobs

Pottery Barn Paxton sconce

Aayers Rocky Ridge Smoke French Oak engineered hardwood floors

The first few photos are my inspiration, followed by listing photos when I moved in.


Comments (55)

  • herbflavor

    finding a cabinet maker to work with smaller spaces w peculiarities is often the best route . For those in a similar situation, this is so great to see . all the details count and with the smaller scale kitchen, taking a bit of a chance with surface treatments can be visual delight as opposed to a chaotic result in bigger spaces. Smaller is challenging, but you see how if handled creatively and smartly it can reward. I think with yours...the lighter feel from counters up, with the higher ceiling[?] was critical,and you did well. When you really look, you had a lot of decision making to do. This is a terrific kitchen to share w folks.

    traci_from_seattle thanked herbflavor
  • traci_from_seattle

    Thanks all for the kind words. Herb, the ceilings are 9’.

    I also did the dining room, matching the kitchen cabinets.

  • PRO

    Lovely kitchen and very unique. Good for you!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Anglophilia
  • iamtiramisu


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  • skmom

    Wonderful kitchen! I like what you have better than your inspiration. Walnut is my all time favorite wood and I love the gold hardware you have with it, and your quartzite is stunning! Your dining room flows nicely with your kitchen and is very attractive. Well done!

    traci_from_seattle thanked skmom
  • tartanmeup

    Oh, my. What a stunning job you did. Beautiful harmonious mix of materials! Well done. Don't you just want to dive into that Quartzite?! It's all so beautiful. I'd be eating take out for a month for fear I'd mar those beautiful surfaces. I'd just visit the room, bask in everything and maybe allow myself some countertop petting. Holy moly. You've done got yourself a purdy kitchen. :D Enjoy! (Hope you don't mind if I save your pics for inspo?)

    traci_from_seattle thanked tartanmeup
  • Not a Pro

    Love it all!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Not a Pro
  • Fun2BHere

    Your cabinetry is gorgeous. Well done!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Fun2BHere
  • shead

    Love it!! You did a great job!

    traci_from_seattle thanked shead
  • Jazz Lover

    traci_from_seattle JUST WOW!! You have done exactly what I have been mulling over. About to build and am so torn over white kitchen and beautiful natural wood. We just sold a custom home we built 16 years ago. It had beautiful but simple alder cabinets and they were a breeze to keep clean, never showed cracks and just needed a little oil or conditioning maybe twice. A year. Now here we are and I do live the bright white kitchens but hate losing the rich wood so I've been asking, can I do both? I've find a few pics for reference to take to the custom cabinet guy and your pics just showed up. Love love love!!! Thank you for breaking the rules. I want my cake and eat it too and I'd love to eat it in your kitchen!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Jazz Lover
  • Pam A

    I love how the countertop movement works with the wood grain. Your kitchen is beautiful and also looks like a great place to cook!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Pam A
  • M Miller

    Beautiful! That walnut is so gorgeous!

    I noticed you mentioned that Sophie would hate your wall of tall. But she loved mirror inserts, so she would be proud!

    traci_from_seattle thanked M Miller
  • dunnjn

    Cheers to that! It's lovely, I love the walnut!

    traci_from_seattle thanked dunnjn
  • AMS


  • stillpitpat

    Oh wow, Traci, it is perfect! You must be just delighted.

    traci_from_seattle thanked stillpitpat
  • cpartist

    Fabulous. And of course I'm in love with your counters since they are so similar to mine! (Are yours more blue or green? Mine are greens)

    This is a kitchen that is so beautifully individualized with such warmth.

    traci_from_seattle thanked cpartist
  • Missi Rogge (4b IA)

    gorgeous. *love* those lowers-they're fantastic!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Missi Rogge (4b IA)
  • cameopalms

    Very pleasing to the eye.

    traci_from_seattle thanked cameopalms
  • SapphireStitch

    Wowza! I love those walnut cabinets and that quartzite! And gold knobs and pulls! The whole room feels warm and textured and interesting...beautiful!

    traci_from_seattle thanked SapphireStitch
  • beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally

    What a beautiful, amazing job. And the dining room is the cherry on top : ) .

    traci_from_seattle thanked beckysharp Reinstate SW Unconditionally
  • hollybar

    Brava! You and your cab maker deserve many rounds of applause. & all the claps for that fabulous counter,too!

  • traci_from_seattle

    cpartist, the counters are mostly green with blue/gray and cream swirls, along with some mustard yellow veins (which I think is iron?)

  • cat_mom

    Love it! Bravo!!!

    traci_from_seattle thanked cat_mom
  • artemis_ma

    Lovely! You have found stunning countertops, and the wood lowers go well with the white upper cabinetry! You've surpassed the inspiration photos, and I love your dining set up! I wanna switch to your quartzite (no matter that I love my own countertops...) The gold pulls are great, too. There's such a level of thought to useful design here!

    traci_from_seattle thanked artemis_ma
  • zmith

    Gorgeous kitchen, Traci! Your fusion countertops are just stunning. I saw a glimpse of it in one of your progress postings and was in love, much like I am with CPartist's quartzite. Truly gorgeous, like a piece of art. Thanks for sharing the finished space!

    traci_from_seattle thanked zmith
  • 2ManyDiversions

    Utterly Fan-Tastic! Just gorgeous-ness! How happy you must be! When I read 'small kitchen' I expected a small kitchen. What you've accomplished made you kitchen huge in my eyes. And that dining room built-in? Be still my heart on the tile backsplash in it! Well done!

    traci_from_seattle thanked 2ManyDiversions
  • smhinnb

    Lovely! That quartzite is definitely a WOW!

  • malabacat


  • cpartist

    cpartist, the counters are mostly green with blue/gray and cream swirls, along with some mustard yellow veins (which I think is iron?)

    I think we have the same gorgeous quartzite. Mine was called Fascination. Here's a link to my Reveal which shows the quartzite. Same quartzite and a totally different looking kitchen.

    traci_from_seattle thanked cpartist
  • smalloldhouse_gw

    This is so beautiful. Just amazing! Thanks so much for posting your photos for us all to drool over!!

    traci_from_seattle thanked smalloldhouse_gw
  • Mid America Mom

    I love that subway installed vertically! Nice job on this space.

    traci_from_seattle thanked Mid America Mom
  • traci_from_seattle

    I think we have the same gorgeous quartzite. Mine was called Fascination. Here's a link to my Reveal which shows the quartzite. Same quartzite and a totally different looking kitchen.

    Your Fascination quartzite is beautiful! Really beautiful! I love all the details in your kitchen.

  • weezel

    Oh my goodness it's beautiful!

    traci_from_seattle thanked weezel
  • j_leary

    Beautiful! Do you mind sharing what your hood is and whether you like it?

  • daisychain01

    Wow! I love two tone kitchens and yours is one of the best. I also really like how you continued the cabs into the dining area, but made it unique from the kitchen.

    traci_from_seattle thanked daisychain01
  • czarinalex

    This is a beautiful kitchen! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    traci_from_seattle thanked czarinalex
  • traci_from_seattle

    The hood is from Broan https://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/QP436SS.html

    I do like it. It’s pretty quiet.

  • AboutToGetDusty

    Gorgeous! Love the walnut and Fusion combo.

    traci_from_seattle thanked AboutToGetDusty
  • Martha F

    I love it, no wonder you’re happy!

    traci_from_seattle thanked Martha F
  • stir_fryi SE Mich

    Those counters are the star of the show! If I had them, it would inspire me to keep my counters clear and clean all the time...

    traci_from_seattle thanked stir_fryi SE Mich
  • Sammy

    Beautiful kitchen and dining; really well-done. I have one question regarding what you said here:

    ...then lined one cabinet with the same countertop material just for fun and because I thought I’d put my coffeemaker in that cabinet.

    Will you be using your coffee maker in that (beautiful!) cabinet, or simply storing it there? Hopefully it’s the latter because I don’t think the steam generated by the coffee maker would be good for the wood. Your toaster, on the other hand, might be an okay thing to use there...as long as you don’t trade it in for a Dualit!

    Again, really great job on that whole space. It’s a knockout. :)

    traci_from_seattle thanked Sammy
  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    Fabulous work, Traci! All the details are perfect, including the light over the sink. This goes onto the list of best reveals, I think!

    RE the coffee niche - perhaps your cabinet maker can create a pull-out there with the quartzite piece, for when you use the coffeemaker. Seems the recess would be awkward for actually using the maker in the niche -- but if not, alternately line the sides and top of it with something impervious to steam, like metal tile (you would still need to leave the door open until the maker has cooled.)

    traci_from_seattle thanked raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio
  • barncatz

    It's gorgeous! What a fabulous redo.

    I also have a two tone, tiny kitchen, so it's nice to see how much I love yours. (We have similar knobs too - love Schoolhouse. My fixtures are from there.)

    traci_from_seattle thanked barncatz
  • traci_from_seattle

    To address the questions/comments regarding the coffee niche, my original plan was to store the coffee maker there, however there is electrical so I do occasionally toast there with leaving the door open. This was one of the mistakes I made with my design (had to be something, right?). The cabinet is actually too high for me, which I kind of thought might be the case, but really wanted those specific drawers so I chose not to lower it. And I can’t actually reach the outlet inside because I’m too short I still love having the quartzite inside.

  • Mrs Pete

    Nice work, and it's not cookie cutter! Specific thoughts, mixed with a few questions:

    - Love that countertop. Definitely an appropriate place to splurge. Was it the first thing you chose? I ask because everything seems to be tied into it so well.

    - Have you been pleased with your microwave placement outside the kitchen?

    - Are those mirrors up top? I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been studying the pix so intensely. So practical!

    - I like a "wall of tall" just fine ... so long as it balances with the rest of the kitchen and is appropriately placed.

    traci_from_seattle thanked Mrs Pete
  • schoolhouse_gw

    How refreshing, i.e. what Mrs. Pete said "not cookie cutter". Very warm and inviting.

    traci_from_seattle thanked schoolhouse_gw
  • jemimabean

    Omg, this kitchen is absolutely stunning! We’re in the process of ordering our cabinets right now (wood lowers, white uppers), so this was exactly the thread that I needed to see today to reassure myself that we made the right choice. That countertop is gorgeous, and the drawer pulls tie everything together perfectly. Exceptional all the way around!

    traci_from_seattle thanked jemimabean
  • traci_from_seattle

    Mrs Pete, I have always been drawn to exotic stones but the countertop was one of the last things I chose. For a few years i had my heart set on Dolce Vita but when it came time to buy the available slabs had too much peach coloring. Then I went through a few months trying to find a more neutral stone I thought I “should” get but then the stone yard had these beautiful Fusion slabs that are very much my style and I’m so glad that’s how it worked out. For reference, this is Dolce Vita.

    I have always wanted walnut cabinets so that was was what I chose first.

    As for the microwave, I put it there temporarily but I ended up liking it so that’s where it’s staying. I don’t use it often so the extra steps aren’t a huge deal, and having the peninsula there makes it more convenient to set down food.

    and yes, those are mirrors. It was a cost savings measure initially because I didn’t want to pay to finish the insides of the cabinets but I think they ended up being better than glass because they reflect the light so well.

  • Beryl Santoso

    Would you mind sharing the height of your stacked cabinets? Are they 36" + 15"? We have 9ft ceiling as well, and trying to decide what combination of stacked cabinets look best.

  • traci_from_seattle

    Technically the cabinets aren’t actually stacked. These cabinets were 100% custom so he built them as one unit with two doors. The door sizes are 32.5” and 17.5”. They were made that size to line up better with the hood I was originally going to purchase but then that hood wasn’t an option.

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