Heavily compacted lawn soil after construction project

A patio construction project was recently completed on my property and my personal first order of business is to get the lawn ready for reseeding. During the construction they used large, heavy equipment and the lawn got totally trashed and compacted. I can't blame the hardscape firm. They tried their best by laying down plywood but the continuous rains we have had over the last two months didn't help. Then the lawn sprinkler guys came in with their heavy equipment following by several days of more and more rain. More compaction.

The ground is fairly level, but it is now extremely compacted. Once dry it feels like you are walking on concrete. All the grass that was there originally is gone and there is only bare ground now. I want to till it lightly, add some compost material along with additional topsoil, level and then reseed. But I recently read on this forum that lawn soil/ground should not be tilled by machinery. Is this correct?

Can anyone offer their thoughts on the correct process to get the hard, bare ground loose enough for reseeding? Any other advice (soil tests, amendments, etc.) is also appreciated. As an FYI, I had planned on using a national franchise that has a proprietary slit-style seeder to do the actual reseeding. My job is prepping the area for them.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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