Applying wood veneer on IKEA vanity side panels

Mittens Cat
last year

I could have sworn I read a Houzz post about this being done successfully, but I can't find it. Anyone have experience (good or bad) attempting to dress up the side panels of their IKEA Godmorgon vanities? We ordered walnut veneer fronts from Semihandmade for a 56" wide Godmorgon vanity, but Semihandmade doesn't do side panels and I'm leery of the two-toned look (walnut in front, white on sides) in this space.

Hoping someone knows whether it's possible to adhere a piece of wood veneer to the white Godmorgon side panels (either the high gloss white or the matte version)? Thanks. p.s. I think one issue mentioned was that adding veneer to the side panels might make the panels a twinge too thick for the IKEA sink to fit correctly, so I'm thinking of doing a custom counter and sink.

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