Master Rain Gardener Online Class 2020 - Kyle Hart

6 months ago

For my Master Rain Gardener course I will be "adopting" three rain gardens at my office: The West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC). Our condo is Gold LEED certified for stormwater capture however the rain gardens have not directly been maintained for a couple of years and need a reset.

This is our main rain garden that captures all of the stormwater created by the shared parking lot. We have a green rooftop on our condo that will capture all of that stormwater so the main garden only services the parking lot and sidewalks. There are a couple stands of grasses and miscellaneous plants leftover from several years ago but there are a whole lot of weeds as well.

There are also two smaller side gardens that capture stormwater only from the adjacent sidewalks (the parking lot is curbed here so no stormwater will enter). These are much more public facing and do not absorb too much stormwater so I am hoping to add more aesthetic elements to these gardens. Or perhaps dedicate the 1st side garden to mostly native wildflowers.

Overall there is already a decent amount of flora in the gardens although I'm not sure what should be there and what shouldn't! I am taking this class to improve my botany skills and restore these gardens to their full potential.