Confusing tomatoes--what recipes do you like?

l pinkmountain
2 months ago

In the past, what I've normally canned is just salsa, with an occasional foray into some type of tomato sauce. I don't usually have that many tomatoes but I want to get into doing more with them. This year I did my first time raw pack of diced tomatoes. Did not much care for the finished product--85 minutes in the boiling water bath is a big expenditure of energy for a small amount of product . . . I only have a small pressure canner and right now I don't even know where it is . . . so for now pressure canning is out for me. I also didn't like the way the tomatoes separated and the water is on the bottom and the tomato bits floating on the top. The crushed tomato recipes call for making a tomato sauce slurry with some of the tomatoes and then adding the rest. That only has to BWB for 45 min. Can't figure out the science of that, seems like that solution would be MORE viscous so would need more heat and time for full penetration. What's up with that, science wise?

I think I would like to do the crushed style tomatoes and maybe add some seasoning to some of the jars . . . otherwise I may go with the Ball Blue Book seasoned tomato sauce, it has carrots, onions and celery in it, I've made it before. The only hold up on that for me is my tomatoes aren't really the saucy type, they are big watery ones, so again, not much product for time invested . . . the salsa I made was OK because the recipe called for a can of tomato paste . . .

How do you best handle putting up your excess tomato harvest . . . the eating ones, not the ones perfect for canning. That will maybe come next year.

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