Planning a wedding quilt - order the fabric first...

20 days ago
last modified: 20 days ago

There's never any logic to how I do most things. This is what I ordered

Not sure what I have in mind. May add other fabrics - I'm thinking of:

Row quilts, or custom design mid century modern something.

Of course they don't have any hobbies, young, one works as a bar manager, the other care worker in seniors home, bought their first house, have a dog....

I'd like to put a quilt block with their house, a quilt block with their dog and maybe take a stab at a simple couple outline kissing (mid century eames style) stitched line drawing

I want something different, young. She loves vintage. So I asked what does she consider "vintage"? My childhood time or older?

Maybe a them on setting up house?


Or I could totally wimp out and just pick pattern.

But what fun would there be in that, eh?

I've lost a few days in many Pinterest rabbit holes. And I've gone through my own fabric stash again waiting for fabrics by post. Open to suggestions.

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