Raintree Waterproofed Wood Flooring

MJ Meyerson
6 days ago

I’m thinking of installing Raintree Nashville Scene/Hermitage throughout the first floor of our 120 year old home in northern Michigan (we get big temperature extremes). I was originally thinking of LVP, but I can’t find one that looks good with the reddish/brown dark quarter-sawn oak trim throughout the first floor. And I really dislike the big bevel that is all the rage now. I like the idea of a wood floor without the hassle of a wood floor, which is what Raintree seems to promise.

I’m worried about longevity and wear. It only has a 1.5mm sliced wood veneer on top of the rigid composite core. I read through the warranty, which says lifetime but appears to be 10 years. I’m concerned about leaving our home during the winter and the potential of the house getting below 50 degrees. I’m concerned about wear and tear and not being able to refinish it.

Should we stick with LVP? Go with a more traditional engineer hardwood? Go with Raintree? Any advice would be appreciated.

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